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Preston University Denied The Expulsion of Student For Raising Slogan, Go Nawaz Go

Preston University Denies The Expulsion of BBA Student For Raising Slogan of Go Nawaz Go
On 23r September 2014 Zakir Zahid, a student of BBA in Preston University raised a slogan (Go Nawaz Go) during a function held at campus in which Ahsan Iqbal (Federal Minister of Planning an Development ) was also present. After that function it was reported in electronic and print media that said student has been expelled by the administration on government’s pressure. Students were raising questions about his expulsion from the university in social media and institute was also facing an embarrassing situation.  It was taken as an act against democratic norms and values.

But today university has made it clear through a newspaper ad that all news about expulsion of Zakir Zahid from the university are baseless and he is still taking the classes in the campus as regular student. Affidavit of students has also been given in ad. is not a political website but we are struggling for the rights of students and welcome this clarification by university administration but at the same time we think that both sides need tolerance. Students are the real game changer in any society and they must be treated like the future of the country. Students must also not cross the limits of modesty. Role of media is also very important in this regard as they should publish a news after taking the point of view of both parties. Political comments will not be approved for this post as is a hundred percent non political site, but this post was written just for the involvement of future of a student.

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Preston University Denied The Expulsion of Student For Raising Slogan “Go Nawaz Go”

Preston University Denied The Expulsion of Student For Raising Slogan "Go Nawaz Go"

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