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Professor Fazal Karim Grand Muslim Reiki Master & Spiritual Healer

Professor Fazal Karim Expert of Spiritual Healing, Distance Reiki & Treatment Without Medicine 
Professor Fazal Karim is the grand Muslim Reiki Master and spiritual healer. Kindly do not mix his name with Fazal Karim Khan Palmist as Professor Fazal Karim is really a professor of Physics. He served in King Saud University Riyadh, Government Dyal Singh College Lahore and Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore. In 2011, I watched his interview on Royal Tv. Professor Fazal Karim does not demand even a penny from patients for their treatment. After successful treatments he accepts only voluntary gifts. He is also an expert of treatment without medicine and pendulum dowsing.


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Professor Fazal Karim Grand Muslim Reiki Master & Spiritual Healer


When i met him last year, he explained his method of treatment. Being a Professor of Physics, he said that spiritual healing works on the principles of Physics. Resonance is a famous law of Physics which is applied in the spiritual healing too. He treats the patients on phone this is called distance Reiki. Patient is just asked to inform him about his problem on phone. In case of no positive result you may call him again after one hour. I have personally experienced the great results of his spiritual healing. He is also writing a book on spiritual healing which will be available in market very soon.


According to him the cause of our majority of diseases is our wrong acts. A person who helps other without any lust can never become the victim of a chronic disease. We should say our prayers regularly and try to help others for having good health. He says that a true Muslim can easily become a spiritual healer and he will explain its method in his upcoming book on spiritual healing. You people may also contact him on his phone number 0335-6460100. You may meet him also after appointment on given phone number. Kindly do not disturb this great man in the odd timings. We shall continue to introduce you with more great people on our website so visit us daily.