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Pros & Cons of Online Education

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education in Pakistan & Abroad

Online education has become very popular now a days. Today in this article we shall discuss the pros and cons of online education in detail.


Online education is a best option for the students who do not want to attend the regular classes. Although online institutes provide the facility of online help, yet you will have to develop self study habit for getting online education. Online education saves your time, money and allows you to continue your studies while working. Its best option for females (mothers), handicapped and employed persons. Majority of online universities offer flexible mode of studies. You can set your time table as per your ease. You will get confidence on your abilities while studying in an online university.

You may get an international degree while staying at home. Employed persons can get promotion on the basis of their earned degree. Household ladies can also continue their studies. Intelligent students can earn a degree in less time period. Your vision and computer skills will also improve. Time management will be key to your success a student of any online university. You must be a responsible student. Try to interact regularly with your professors/tutors through skype, chat and emails. Although you will not have to rush to catch the bus early in morning and do not need to worry about daily attendance still regularity in the studies is must for your success.

Online Education

Pros & Cons of Online Education


It is a reality that 90% of the online universities are fake and bogus. Large number of students become the victims of these fake institutions every year. These universities claim that you will be given degree on the basis of RPL system (Recognition of Prior Learning). Even your assignments are not checked. Recently a big network of bogus online universities has been exposed by New York Times. More than 360 universities and accreditation councils were working under a Pakistani based company axact. Believe me that it was just a tip of iceberg.

Online world has become a safe heaven for scammers. Its very hard even for normal man to differentiate between the bogus and genuine institution. We have written a detailed article on “How to check the accreditation status of any university“. Read this article before getting admission in any online university. Majority of online universities are based in USA and Europe and they charge heavy fees. A middle class student can not bear the expenditure of these universities. We recommend such students to continue their education through distance learning universities like Allama Iqbal Oen University and Virtual University. Many other universities has also established their distance learning wings like BZU, Gomal University, GCU Faisalabad, Alkhair university etc. All these universities are in public sector and you ill have to pay very reasonable fee there, Degrees of these universities are recognized every where in the world. There is no alternative of teacher.

Its very hard for an average student to understand the concepts of technical subjects online. Detailed discussion is not possible on chat, webinar, email and skype. We can take exercise at home too but we join gym just for the sake of punctuality, Same is the case with online education. It is very hard to study regularly without regular classes. Majority of employers do not recognize the degrees of online universities as they know that any one can but them from internet. Just the degree of very reputed university is accepted. So if you have decided to join any online university then get admission after a in depth research about its accreditation status. You also need to have a high speed internet which is not affordable for a normal student. In short online education should not be your first choice.