Prostatitis Treatment, Symptoms, Preventions & Causes (Urdu-English)

Inflammation of the Prostate Glands (Prostatitis) Treatment, Symptoms, Precautions, Diagnosis & Causes (Urdu-English)
This prostate infection is mainly and generally of two types, the first type is this acute bacterial prostatitis. If you are affected with this condition, then that condition will be acute or short term condition of yours. This infection symptoms are quite and intensely severe and they also develop suddenly. This sort of infection requires and needs immediate treatment. Then we have chronic bacterial prostatitis which is a long-term infection and needs several months for curing.

Causes of Prostatitis
Talking about the causes of prostate infection, this acute prostatitis mainly results and occur because of a bacterial infection. We have seen that bacteria from the urine mainly spread this infection to the prostate gland. If you already have a bacterial infection, then this condition of prostatitis may result from nerve damage present in your lower urinary tract. Those who are 50 years old, if you are using a catheter, if you have some current bladder infection, if you do have this history and track of prostatitis episodes, then you will be affected with this subjected infection.

Symptoms of Prostate Infection
With respect to acute bacterial prostatitis, you will get a urine which has an unpleasant odor, you will notice blood in your urine or in your semen. Then you will feel body aches or some kind of burning pain while you will be urinating. You may experience difficulty in urinating. The person will feel nausea or pain in the lower abdomen or pain in your lower back. Those who are the patients of chronic bacterial prostatitis, then you will always feel an urgent and immediate need to pass urine. You will always feel a bladder pain or a burning pain right during urination. There will be pain in your groin or in your back or in your lower abdomen.

Treatment And Prevention for Prostate Infection
You can either go for the medical treatments or you can opt any of the natural treatments if you are affected with prostate infection. You need to take proper medication which include antibiotics and alpha-blockers. Then you should regularly take and have anti-inflammatory medications.

If you want to relieve and soothe your pain and inflammation, then you might be asked to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Some go for the surgical treatment. In this treatment, surgeons remove blockages or they remove the scar tissue right from the bladder. This surgery is then going to improve the urine flow and shall be able to reduce your symptoms of prostatitis.

Moving to the natural treatments, there are certain home remedies which can sure this issue of yours. You should be drinking more water so that you can flush out bacteria from your body. You need to avoid taking bladder irritants, this mainly includes alcohol, caffeine as well as spicy food. You can make use of a heating pad to relieve and alleviate pain.

You have to avoid all those activities which encourage this condition like cycling, horseback riding, or any of the other activities which require and need prolonged periods and span of sitting. You can start doing Kegel exercises so that you can train your bladder. Have herbal supplements like that of ryegrass and saw palmetto to cure this infection. Sabal serrulata Q is the best homeopathic medicine for treatment of prostatitis or even prostate cancer.

More facts on prostate infection are coming up.

Prostatitis Treatment, Symptoms, Preventions & Causes (Urdu-English)

Prostatitis Treatment, Symptoms, Preventions & Causes (Urdu-English)


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