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Top Ten Self Help Psychology Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Self Help Psychological Tips in Urdu & English Languages 
How can you self heal and self help yourself, here are the suggestions and top ten self help tips for you. If you are in a panic zone or if you are taking stress then you can calm down yourself by observing and following these top ten self help psychology tips and suggestions.

Top 10 Self Help Psychology Tips in English

1. Improve Your Sense of Humor
When you start to panic, then you can turn on and activate your sense of humor area. You can throw some jokes if you are in a gathering. Throwing tantrums and jokes will let other people catchup with this idea that you are in your comfortable zone.

2. Chew a Gum in Case of Nervousness
In case if you start to feel nervous then you should start chewing a gum. This chewing activity will divert your mind and you will start to focus more.

3. Observe The Other Person Keenly
If you are not comfortable in the gathering of some strangers then observe them more keenly and closely. This observance will give you an idea that what kind of psyche the other person having!.

4. Consider Strangers as Your Friends
Suppose you have appeared in an interview and your interview panel are totally strangers for you, then what you should do? You should start to think and make your mind that you know these strangers.s

5. Meet Everyone in Composed Way
No matter how much in number of strangers you are going to meet in a day, you have to meet with them nicely. Interact with them in a composed way and give them a feeling that you are not uncomfortable with them.

6. Show Stakeman Effect in Your Personality
Suppose two persons are fighting with each other, then the best part will be that when you will act as a stakeman in this fight. just place some eatable stuff in between those two persons and you will see that they will sooner finish off their fight.

7. Initiate a Light Conversation to Start a Friendship
To initiate a friendship, you can start a conversation on some lighter and humorous topics. You can even exchange small things like it can be a pen or a lunch.

8. Keep Your Meetings at Starting Day Time or Ending Day Time
You should try to keep your meetings either at the starting time of the day or keep them at ending day time. Like if you have an interview then better schedule it either starting time or ending time of the day.

9. Ask Any Question in Case to Avoid Certain People
If you want to avoid any person then you can simply ask a random question from them, you can take any random suggestion from them. This activity will make them busy and they will not bug you again.

10. Copy Gestures of Other People Positively to Start a Friendship
You can positively copy the gestures of other people if you have to have friendship with them. For more self help psychology tips visit and its top ten category regularly.  Below this page we have given top ten self help psychology tips in Urdu language for you.

Top Ten Self Help Psychology Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Self Help Psychology Tips in Urdu & English