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PTCL Helpline Number & PTCL Live Chat 2023 For Instant Support

PTCL is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan, providing a range of services to its customers like phone, smart Tv and internet services. To ensure that customers get the best possible service, PTCL has introduced a range of customer service options, including the PTCL helpline number, email and live chat. These options are designed to provide customers with quick & easy access to the customer service team, enabling them to get the help they need in a timely manner. PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.



Earlier it was a public company but now it is working under private sector. Company has the biggest and most modern infrastructure in country. Its customer care service has become ideal for other companies. Company is offering great customer support services through out the Pakistan. You can call on PTCL helpline numbers round the clock. Active call center operators guide the customers about different services and try to resolve their issues. You can register your complaints and get the information about billing, directory and new promotions. Even you can give your order. Representative of the company will complete your order within short time.


PTCL Helpline Number & PTCL Live Chat

PTCL Helpline Number & PTCL Live Chat 2023 For Instant Support


Response time on emails is also better than any other telecommunication company in Pakistan. You will immediately receive a confirmation email about your complaint. PTCL live chat facility is also up to the mark as agents reply your each and every query in no time. We have provided all the contact details of Pakistan telecommunication company limited on this page. Quick response team of company remains on your disposal without any break. If you have any complaint or suggestion then kindly write detailed email and send it at



PTCL Helpline Number

Here are different PTCL helpline numbers.
1-For making an order or purchase assistance call on 0800 8 0800.
2-To update directory inquiry kindly call on 0800 0 1217.
3-For billing information call on 1200.
4-For help about EVO dial 1050 or 111-202-020.
5-For inquiry or directory services call on 1217.
6-For registration of complaints and help on any fault please call on 1218.
7-For assistance on all services dial 1236.
8-For CLI, Voice Message Service activation & Code barring contact on 111 465 465.


Tel # 111 20 20 20

Phone # 111 20 20 20

Phone Number- 111 20 20 20
Web mail-



PTCL Live Chat

If you want to talk directly with agent then use PTCL live chat option. Click the link given below for live chat. You will have to provide your name, email address and phone number. You can also complain company in case of any delay. But usually agent reply with in a minute. At the time of writing this post i personally checked their response time at mid night and was surprised to chat with a agent at mid night.


Click Here For Live Chat


Importance & Benefits of PTCL Helpline & Live Chat Support System

PTCL helpline # 1218 and Live Chat are 2 of the most convenient & efficient customer service options available to PTCL customers. Both of these services are available 24/7, allowing customers to get instant help & troubleshooting or sales related assistance whenever they need it. With the PTCL helpline no 1218, customers can easily get in touch with a customer service representative & get their queries answered. On the other hand, live chat facility on web portal of PTCL provides customers with a convenient & quick way to get their queries answered without having to wait on the phone call.



The benefits of using the PTCL helpline number 1218 and live chat options are really numerous. For starters, customers can get their accurate and to the point quick answers of their questions. This eliminates the need to wait on the phone for a long time and allows customers to get the help they need in a timely manner. Furthermore, customers can get their queries answered in a more personalized manner as they can interact directly with the customer service representative. This allows customers to get a better understanding of their query and get the most accurate solution.



Moreover, the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited helpline no 1218 & live chat are cost-effective customer service options. This means that customers don’t have to worry about incurring high costs when they need help. The customer service team is available 24/7, so customers can get the help they need at any time of the day or night. The customer service team is also highly trained & experienced, so customers can be sure that they will get the best possible advice & assistance.



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