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Punjab Government is Going to End MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests

Breaking News-Congratulations & Celebrations- Government of Punjab is Going to End MCAT & ECAT Entrance Tests
Examination and admission reform committee Punjab has recommended to end MCAT and ECAT tests. Committee has sent its recommendation to Chief Minister Punjab, who will take final decision in this regard. Chief Minister will take the final decision soon after consultation with public at large. Committee has presented its recommendations to provide level playing field to all students for taking admission in medical colleges and engineering universities.

Entry test were introduced 20 years before when cheating mafia was ruling in all boards of Punjab and there was a big question mark about the performance of different boards of intermediate and secondary education, but now Punjab government has introduced lot of reforms in examination system. Cheating mafia has been eliminated. Now answers sheets are send to other board with secret roll numbers for checking. Papers of all boards are being selected from a same pool of examination questions to ensure equal standard of papers. Government is also discouraging memorization by introducing most modern syllabus.

Parents have to pay heavy fees for MCAT and ECAT entry tests preparation classes. Entry test preparation academies have become an other mafia, which were looting the students. In 2011 UET ECAT paper was out and in 2014 daily express published a news about UHS MCAT paper out scandal. Even in 2011 UET Lahore ECAT paper was cancelled. Entry test preparation academies mafia was behind it. They were earning billion of rupees for providing guess papers. Many students committed suicide due to these tests. In short students and their parents were suffering a lot due to these so called entrance tests.

We have written many times against this whole concept of entry tests and mafia of private academies. We pay our tribute to examination and admission reform committee Punjab for presenting such bold and students friendly recommendations. Thanks to Almighty Allah who gave us an opportunity to fight for students rights and in a small period of time government listened to our voice for the rights of students. We congratulate all the students of Punjab. At the same time we recommend more reforms in examination system for making it fool proof and uniform. Entry test from all universities including ETEA and NTS entry tests must also be abolished. Other provinces should also follow Punjab government’s decision. It is expected that from next year no more entry tests will be taken for admission in medical colleges and engineering universities.

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Punjab Government is Going to End MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests

Punjab Government is Going to End MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests

Punjab Government is Going to End MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests


215 thoughts on “Punjab Government is Going to End MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests”

    • As committee has recommended it unanimously and only A-Level have objection on it there are more chances of approval of summary. Hopefully admission policy will also be announced for A-Level students too

  1. I don’t think this is a good idea because FSc students get 90%+ marks in their examinations and already get a head start from A Level students (who can’t score more than 90%) plus, the MCAT was already unfair since it focused more on the FSc course instead of focusing on topics common in both systems. There should be some sort of compensation for A Level students, otherwise they can’t get into medical colleges. This news is horrible for us. Nothing to celebrate about .___.

  2. Will there b any space 4 the students who want to repeat mcat next year i.e 2015,, as this has become a big concern for them ,as they dont wnt to waste a whole year… kindly do comment on this even before any approval…

  3. This is totally wrong! There is so much cheating that goes on in fsc exams, and the system of examination is not concept based and all memorization. Without entry test, all the future doctors will be produced from a rata based system. And this profession needs well rounded candidates, moreover this would completely eradicate the chance for a-level students to enter this field which is not fair…this should not happen.

  4. can you please explain the future of alevel students?.I am soryy but their already scanty chances of getting into public colleges is now 0%.thankyou so much for your ‘struggle’.

  5. I think its a very good decicion the student like us who live in backward area have no good knowledge of test.We have to cover many miles to reach station.If u are honest tells us how can we prepare the physic portion witout acedimies if the question was of concept we would have acccepted that we r dull.But the question are such whom u can only solve if u have already practised them in acedemy.IF punjab gov cant take a proper fsc exam then what is our fault.ENtry test was just a business for kips and star and it had to undergo banishment

  6. This is very bad decision.I am really agree with anaya or agr pnjab govt koe decision la rae ha to jalde kra kyun ka repeaters na b to decide krna ka wo kha admision la repeat na re sooooo plz decide krla jalde

  7. This is totally wrong because the other board except LAHORE BOARD can make very easy Paper of FSC and will promote thier students and then those students will come here and will get admission here on the basis of merit and many students of lahore will not get admission here because they definately require 1000+ marks to get admission….. FOOL GOVERNMENT!

  8. Hal ha koe un ka lia jinhn na Admisn ka lia aply nhe kia mcat repeat krna ka lia un ka ak sal koe mainy nhe rkhta kmaskm is sal chance da ka next year ka lia early announc krna chahai.

  9. Abviously not in favour of this fool step..what rubbish this is. everybody aware about the cheating mafia which is still operative in under developed districts in the southern punjab.. chief minister if wants to do something excellent then he should end quota system.. plz..entery test is last hope for O level students for getting admission in govt. medical colleges..

  10. its a really bad decision of government, our education system is so poor to control the cheating, bad marking of papers and also our system is totally nonuniform. Entry test was the only equal opportunity for all students from whatsoever boards/regions they belong. I thing this decision will create another backdoor in our education system. I humbly request Chief Minister Punjab to reconsider this recommendation and the entry test must be must be continued in future as well for the betterment of quality higher education in Pakistan

    • Its good because one student who waste his four years studying and then after grand exam he has to pass this and if he has hard luck and fail then he disappoints. As he got very good marks in matric and fsc whoz weightage is 10 + 40 of just 4 years and mcat whoz weightage is 50 of just 3 months.

  11. I think its a very good decision because many students who have good marks in fsc cannot get through entry test and students do much hardwork in fsc than in entry test so they should be rewarded on the bases of fsc result…and also the academies have made a business to prepare students for entry test with heavy feeses which most of parents cannot afford…now waiting for final decision of CM

  12. isi saal is base py admission hon gay yan next year???n aghr maira is sal kisi private uni main admission ho jye to kya main govt uni main admission ly skta hnn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????

  13. 150 minutes test is all that decide our future in medical college=unfair. there r many other things i cannot talk about i.e we can\’t change our answers.if government is not ending it then at least its weightage must be reduced to 20-30%

  14. How on Earth do they plan on giving admissions? On what basis. Most Fsc students will have aggregates above 90 % , while the Alevel students can only hope to score in the 80s. Which means one in a thoysand Alevel students will get admission and that’s only if the last merit remains static on 90. Which means Alevelers will NOT be able to get admission. Maybe every college will have their own test (unlikely). They will have to introduce something to replace the Entry Test. Otherwise, they might as well shut down the medical colleges , as a lot of students will be scoring well above the merit. They don’t have the resources to accomodate EVERYONE.

  15. If they decide to actually do this. Then I have no idea how people like me who were thinking of repeating the MCAT next year, are going to make it in ANY government medical college.
    I am still hoping with all my heart, that Shahbaz Sharif doesn’t agree to this idiotic decision

  16. i think this is a good many students do a mistake of sequence wrong. you now time is short and filling of bubble take much time as 20% student will leave their admission on this minor mistake.
    so i want for cancellation of ET

  17. What will be the criteria then for admission in Mbbs ? Will marks of matric be included in the criteria and approximately how much percentage of marks in will be required . Plz do reply .

  18. Ohhh…. 🙁 that’s not a Good step….
    Entry test is the only barrier for the cheaters and corrupted students:(
    Ending this test means to compromise future of thousand of deserving students…. 🙁

  19. Student should pass through entry test other wise non conceptual student will get admission in medical and engineering colleges . Still some of the Intermediate boards have cheating mafia like DG khan. this decision will push the educational system to poor condition

  20. Entry test is filter for students . so there must be entry test for medical and engineering colleges.In most of the countries entry test is compulsory so what do you think in all such countries there is cheating mafia??? In india why there are so many types of entry test ???????? why why why???

  21. Hey..Admin, is this fair??
    I am asking this because most of the children cram trough the thin books of intermediate having no concept whatsoever….and when they appear in the entry test they are blank….

    So how do we expect such children’s to get through those thick books of engineering…
    I think that intelligence should be the priority not the grades….

    And grades or marks donot reflect intelligence… and by eliminating the entry test…we are going to produce robots ..

  22. entrance test is such a furore think if they cant cancel e.t they should burn all board offices as they are useless 2014 entry test was made by professors of KIPs and STAR

  23. I think it is an excellent decision of punjab govt..for entry test one have to study academy and pay a lot to them..everyone is not able to pay them moreover two years struggle cant be checked in almost two hours its a joke so thumbs up for punjabgovt..

  24. dear admin, ur website is really a source of correct information. kindly publish the decision of CM as soon as it will be declared.Also give your own remarks regarding the future admission policy.thankyou.

  25. plzzz hamen jaldi bata den k entry test ho ga next year ya nhi and new admission policy kia hogi?I am tooooooo much wprried plzzzzzzzz……….?????????????????????????

  26. sir kb tk pta chalay ga ecat or mcat k final repeat karna chahtay hai wo kia karain.fsc mai hardwork ziada chaeay t hardwork k bh reward h na chahey.intelligence h sb
    kch nae it true

  27. then govt.should increase number of seats for admission to mbbs or bds. if this would happen then the students with 1000 above marks would have been admitted.inter paper checking is not so good enough that students could only be admitted to medical colleges… i think it should not be cancelled

  28. sir when the court will decide???????????????????????ap kay khial mai ziada chance kia hai kay aglay sal say entry khtm ho ga ya nai????????? plz reply. kue kay main nay 2nd year improvement kay baray mai decide kerna hai plz reply sir

  29. aray yaar inho ne decision lene mein itni dair kr di hai.ab to behtar yehi hai k next year test ho q k jinho ne papers ki tyari krni hai un k paas b time kam rah gya hai tyari krne ka or specialy hamare jese jinho ne improvement ke liye papers dene hai un k liye b yehi behtar ho ga k next year test hi ho jai q k papers ki tyari krne k liye na tu time hai or na hi abhi tak mood bana hai.what are wo do yaar?

  30. dear academy mafia to phr b loty ga fsc k naam pe. aur phrase kon sa southern Punjab ko seats mil jyen gi. average high numbers to cities areas k hoty Han phr b. admin please ap yet ka new admission criteria bta sakty ho??? if test is abolished….

  31. Imran khan is going to start campaign again after muharram against government and I don’t think that they will decide soon. they are going to spoil our future. they have to decide soon whether next year entry test will held or not.

  32. یہ کیا عجیب بات ہے، پیپروں میں اتنی گڑبڑ، مجھے اُمید تھی کہ میں 475 سے زیادہ نمر لے لوں گا ایف ایس سی پارٹ ون میں لیکن نمبر 450 سے بھی کہیں زیادہ نیچے، اسلامیات کا پیپر سب سےاچھا ہوا اُس میں 36 نمبر ہیں 50 میں سے۔ اور یہ اب انٹری ٹیسٹ ختم کرنے چلے ہیں۔
    جو کبھی فیل نہیں ہوتا تھا وہ کیمسٹری میں فیل ہے۔

  33. I dont think that it will finish not atleastfrom 2015 bcoz much time has passed or ab to dobara entry test hone main bhi 10 months se kan time ha and if they have to finish it they must have to inform a year before.

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