Punjab Government Ramadan Package & Ramadan Bazar Rates 2019

Shahbaz Sharif’s Ramazan Package & Ramazan Bazar Rates 2019
Punjab government has announced the biggest ever Ramadan package of 11 billion rupees. Punjab government is also going to organize 300 Ramadan bazars in the different cities of Punjab. Punjab government is giving subsidy on flour, sugar, eggs, ghee, chicken fruits and vegetables. 10 Kg flour bag will be available with 80 rupees discount from Ramadan bazars. Government will provide 14 million flour bags of 10 kg weight in Ramadan bazars. Subsidy of 10 rupees will be given on every kg of Sugar and chicken. Eggs will also be sold 10 rupees cheaper than market and ghee will also be provided 10 rupees per kg cheaper than open market.


Punjab Government Ramadan Package & Ramadan Bazar Rates 2019


Punjab Government Ramadan Package & Ramazan Bazar Rates 2019

As per newspaper report 25 Ramazan bazars will be established in Lahore city, where beef, mutton, Pepsi half liter, chicken, will be sold cheaper than the open market. Many other utility and eatable items will also be provided on whole sale rates. District administration will monitor the Ramazan bazars. Utility stores will also book their stalls in the Ramadan bazars. You can read the details in Urdu in the newspaper ad cuttings.  You will also like to read Metro Super Ramazan Offer 2019 With Price List, Utility Stores Ramazan Relief Package 2019 With Price List and Ramazan Calender 2019 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable.  Price list will be updated soon. Stay in touch with us for latest Ramzan related news.








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