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Punjab Sports Endowment Fund 2024, Application, Process, Deadline, Eligibility, Stipend

Empowering Punjab’s Athletes: Introducing the Punjab Sports Endowment Fund 2024

Welcome to a new era of sports development in Punjab which is the largest province of Pakistan by population and home of talented sportsmen! The Punjab Govt is proud to announce the launch of the Punjab Sports Endowment Fund 2024. It is a revolutionary initiative by provincial government which is aimed at nurturing & supporting the next generation of athletes and sportsmen. Punjab government has allocated two billion rupees for this fund. This fund represents a significant commitment to promoting sports excellence & fostering talent across various disciplines .



Points To Remember

At the heart of this initiative lies the Players Development Program which was designed to identify , nurture & empower deserving and emerging athletes throughout the region . Whether you are a promising hockey player , a talented cricketer or a dedicated athlete in any other sport, this program offers you the opportunity to elevate your skills & fulfill your potential on the national and international stage.



Eligibility Criteria:

The Players Development Program Punjab is open to all deserving & emerging athletes affiliated with registered sports clubs under the Punjab Sports Board . If you have the passion , dedication & drive to excel in your chosen sport, we encourage you to seize this golden opportunity & become a part of our growing community of athletes and sportsmen. Females will also be encouraged to apply for grant under this fund.



How to Apply For Grant From Punjab Sports Endowment Fund?

Applications for the Players Development Program are now officially open , starting from 15 Feb, 2024. To apply simply submit your application to the Director of Sports & Coaching at the Punjab National Hockey Stadium, located within the iconic Nishtar Park Sports Complex in Lahore. Please ensure that you carefully review the eligibility criteria before submitting your application & remember that the deadline for submissions will be strictly enforced .



Application Instructions:

Submitting your application is simple. Just ensure that you fulfill the eligibility requirements outlined above & send your completed application form to the address given earlier in this post of Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding the application process or fund’s details, a dedicated team is available to assist you. Feel free to reach out the focal persons of fund via phone no 042-99230662 or landline no 042-99231991 & focal persons will be more than happy to help you.




The launch of the Punjab Sports Endowment Fund 2024 marks a significant milestone in ongoing efforts of Punjab government to promote sports excellence & empower athletes across Punjab. Through initiatives like the Players Development Program, Punjab govt is committed to providing aspiring sportsmen with the support , resources & opportunities they need to thrive & succeed in their respective sports. In short if you a talented sportsperson of Punjab who have joined any registered club by Punjab sports board and you need grant to continue your journey towards becoming a national level player then do apply for grant through Punjab Sports Endowment Fund 2024. Do visit for more getting more information about grants and more details.


Punjab Sports Endowment Fund 2024, Application, Process, Deadline, Eligibility, Stipend


Punjab Sports Endowment Fund 2024, Application, Process, Deadline, Eligibility, Stipend