Punjab University Drugs & Sexual Harassment Scandal

 PU Illegal Drugs & Sexual Harassment Scandal 2014
Punjab University drug and sexual harassment scandal has taken a serious turn. As per media reports many universities have demanded that HEC should investigate this issue as they have reservations about the teams of PU. Director sports of different universities said that it is a sensitive and serious matter which demands complete investigation by HEC and Higher Education Commission should interfere in the issue and make arrangements to avoid such incidents in the future. Every one is raising questions about the competency of teams of Punjab University and their status has become doubtful.

HEC will issue the sports schedule in November or December this year. It is expected that HEC will impose ban on all the teams of Punjab University till December 2014 as investigations will be completed in this duration. Soon HEC will also start investigation about drug scandal.

Earlier six students of PU addressed press conference in Lahore press club and blamed university administration for sexual harassment and compelling students to use illegal drugs for  improvement of their performance. These girls alleged that university management forced them to take banned drugs for improving their stamina, due to which they are suffering with many ladies problems.

On the other hand PU administration is denying all the allegations. They are blaming Khujista Rehan a lecturer of PU Law College for raising this baseless issue just to defame the university management. This scandal demands a serious investigation as allegation are very sensitive. Whoever is wrong, must be punished and brought to book as parents send their daughters with confidence on Punjab University and their confidence and repute of this great institution both are very important. HEC, Sports board and Punjab Police should jointly investigate this scandal.
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Punjab University Drugs & Sexual Harassment Scandal

Punjab University Drugs & Sexual Harassment ScandalPU  Drugs & Sexual Harassment Scandal


PU  Drugs & Sexual Harassment Scandal

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