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Punjab University PU Entry Test Schedule 2024 For All Programs

Punjab University PU Entry Tests Schedule 2024 For B.S/M.A/MSc/M.S/MD/M.Phil/PhD/B.Sc/Engineering

Punjab University entry test schedule for all programs is available on this page. Following the Lahore High Court decision now Punjab University is not accepting NTS tests results. Punjab University has decided to take its internal entry test for granting admissions in its different programs. Each department will take its separate entry test and schedule will be publish in national newspapers. We shall also publish Punjab University PU entry test schedule for all programs on this page. Entrance exam is mandatory for taking admission in Punjab university is any program.


Punjab University (PU)


Punjab University PU Entry Test Schedule 2024 For All Programs

Entrance tests are proof of a fact that we don’t trust our own educational system. We are against the concept of entry test, but we have no other choice to let you inform about the entrance test schedule. Still we shall continue to raise our voice against this nonsense idea. If the standard of examination and paper marking is not uniform of all universities then who is responsible for this? In spite of improving the examination system our authorities has introduced the entry test system.



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We have written a detailed article about how to clear university entry test. An renowned online article directory has also given the link of this article on their website due to its quality. You must read it for having an idea that how you can get through the Punjab university entrance test. At present PU has not announced the schedule of entry test for any program. We shall try our best to publish schedule of each and every entry test of Punjab University during 2024 on this page.




Punjab university is the first choice of every student in the province but its hard to get admission in this prestigious institute. Only students with high marks can think of applying for admission in this institute. Being and old Pioneer and old Ravian i still feel that the best days of life were which i spent in GC Lahore and Punjab University. Both universities are symbol of quality education in the region. So if you people also want to get admission in Punjab University then start your preparation now. Entrance exam is much easier than any other regular exams. Mostly objective questions (MCQs) are asked in entrance exams. So every one who have good command over his main subject, English and general knowledge can get through this test. Stay in touch with us for latest updates about Punjab University PU entry test schedule for all programs.


Punjab University PU Entry Test Schedule 2024 For All Programs

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  1. Read our article How to prepare University entry test and other articles in ECAT category. Generally F.Sc level questions are asked in test except English. For English you will have to improve your general English Grammar and vocabulary.

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