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Quaid e Azam Law College Lahore Admission 2024 in 5 Years LLB

Quaid e Azam Law College Lahore QLC Five Years LLB Admission 2024
If you want to become one of the professional lawyers or one of the professional and experienced judges then this Quaid e Azam law college Lahore is here for you. They have professional and experienced team of lawyers and also judges for you. They have opened admissions in their LLB program now. Its duration is of 5 years. You can check their official site which is to have more info regarding their admission process which is opened for LLB program. This law college is one of the largest group of law colleges working in Pakistan. Their branches are in Lahore, Sargodha as well in Okara.



Eligibility Criteria For LLB Admission 2024 Given by Quaid e Azam Law College Lahore
To take admission in their LLB program which is of 5 years duration, you should have 45% marks in your intermediate program. You should have an excellent record of your curricular activities. Track record of your extra curricular activities should also be exceptional.



This Quaid e Azam law college will take test and also interview of applicants. It is mandatory for applicants to pass in this written test and interview.



Test Outline Mentioned by Quaid e Azam Law College Lahore
In your written test, general portion of English subject will come. Essay portion will be included too so that your vocabulary can be judged.
Aptitude related questions will come. Questions related with general knowledge will come as well.



Brilliant Scholarship Award Offered by Quaid-e-Azam Law College
This law college also offers brilliant scholarship award which is BSA award to their deserving students. In this scholarship award, you will get off on your tuition fees and you will get Rs 10,000 stipend on per month basis. This scholarship will be awarded to those students only who will come on merit. If any applicant will use any illegal kind of approach then he will be disqualified for this scholarship program.



Introduction About Quaid-e-Azam Law College
It has been the history of this Quaid-e-Azam law college Lahore that they have upheld and retain a tradition of giving diversified and innovative law education to their students. They focus on innovation and also opportunity. This law college has been constantly and all the time providing professional legal education. Their courses and programs focus on the complete understanding of theoretical law and philosophy and too practice of law. This law college was established in year of 1987. It is the first one law college so far in the private sector of this province of Punjab. Their provided legal education focus on elements of dynamism. They have highly competent and also professional faculty. Their lecturers and professors have been persistently and always directed to give quality legal education and teachings to their respective students. No doubt that QLC law college has really established its repute and name in the world of legal education.



More info about Quaid e Azam law college admissions for year 2024 is coming up. Check their official website and get more recent news about their LLB 5 year degree program.


Quaid e Azam Law College Lahore Admission 2024 in 5 Years LLB

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