Ramadan Calendar 2021 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable

Ramadan Calendar 2021, 1442 A.H (Hijri) Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable

Holy Month of Ramadan will probably begin from 14th April, 2021. We have given the full Ramadan calendar 2021 Pakistan with Sehr & Iftar timetable below this post with sehr and iftar timings. Ramadan is the most sacred Muslim month. Muslims take fast during this month just to please Almighty Allah. The basic purpose of this month is to make us realize the suffering of poor people, so we should help the poor not just in the Holy month of Ramadan but also through our life. Fasting has its medical benefit too.


One month fasting of Ramadan overhaul our whole body systems. Muslims never break their fast at any cost as they have firm belief that Almighty Allah is present every where and he is seeing us even in solitude. This month also strengthens our beliefs. It teaches us punctuality, discipline, self  accountability and sacrifice. Zakat is also third pillar of Islam and Muslims give Zakat in Holy month of Ramadan. We must pay our full Zakat during the Holy month of Ramadan.


Muslim Follow the Hijri calendar, which was introduced by second Pious caliph Hazrat Umer (R.A). Islamic month start with the sighting of moon and it is the responsibility of Islamic government to announce the sighting of moon at the start of each Islamic month. All the Muslim should follow one calendar. Presently all Muslims countries have their separate systems for this purpose but OIC should introduce a uniform and scientific system for this purpose.


Ramadan Calendar 2018 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable


Ramazan is the 9th month of Muslim Hijri calendar and Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid at the end of this month to thank Almighty Allah for providing them another opportunity of prayers in Ramadan. This year we hope that all the Muslims of Pakistan will keep fast according to the declaration of central committee for sighting of moon. May Almighty Allah give us opportunity to please him by keeping fast with it real spirit. Please remember us in your prayer during the Ramadan. Ramadan calendar 2021 Pakistan with Sehr & Iftar timetable is available below. This calendar is basically for city of Lahore. Citizens of others cities can know the Sehr and iftar timing of their cities by adding or subtracting the difference of time of their cities with Lahore. Ramadan Mubarik to all of you in advance.

Ramadan Calendar 2021 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable


Ramadan Calendar 2021 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable




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