Real Story of Mera Sultan
Mera Sultan is the most famous drama serial in Pakistan. Basically it is a Turkish drama about life of Ottoman Sultan Suleman the Magnificent. Suleman the Magnificent  was one of the most powerful Turkish caliph in history. He was the 10th ruler of Ottoman empire. He ruled over turkey from 1520 to 1566. He defeated European powers on several occasions. Even due to his great military success, he was given the title of Suleman the Magnificent by his opponents.

At that time there were three great empires in the world and all were Muslims i.e Mughal Empire in India headed by Akbar the great, Ottoman Empire in Turkey headed by Suleman the magnificent and Safavid Empire in Iran headed by Shah Abbas the great. Prefix of great or magnificent was added with name of all these three kings by their opponents. Suleman the Magnificent had become the greatest threat for whole Europe. But when we see the drama serial Mera Sultan, a very poor image of Suleman the Magnificent appears in our mind.

Real history of mera sultan REAL HISTORY OF MERA SULTAN

In fact this drama serial was made to defame the greatest ottoman caliph of Ottoman empire Suleman the Magnificent. A movie was released in Turkey few years before in which the real face of Mustafa Kamal was presented. And the secular sect in the Turkey was very rejected on this movie. They decided to respond by making a drama serial against Suleman the Magnificent. Mera Sulatan is a conspiracy against rightest Muslim and secular rather liberal minority of Turkey tried to portrait a play boy image of Suleman the Magnificent in Mera Sultan.

In fact Suleman the Magnificent was a true fighter of Islam  , respectable Muslim Caliph and custodian of holy Muslim places. Yes we admit that he might had some human weaknesses but he was far superior to all liberal rulers of Turkey. We own him and don’t forget that Muslim of Indo-pak launched the greatest movement in the history of world (Caliphate Movement) to protect the caliphate in Turkey. Turkish people still recognize the sacrifices of Muslims of Subcontinent during that movement. Geo TV should also show the movie on the life of Mustafa Kamal. That movie clearly shows that Mustafa Kamal was a play boy and drinker.This movie helped the present ruling party in Turkey in winning the election.

Mera Sultan is an attempt to take  revenge from rightest Muslims by the leftest element of Turkey. It does not represent the real history of Turkey. It is a fantasy and a part of anti rightest movement. The dresses shown in Mera Sultan don’t represent the culture of Turkey at that time.Suleman the Magnificent conquered the vast area of Africa and Europe. His naval fleet was the strongest fleet of that time. Which ruled over Mediterranean Sea. He led most of his life in expeditions against European countries. He became the victim of his wife’s conspiracy otherwise he was a true fighter.  If Suleman the Magnificent, was wrong then how we can say that Orangzaib Alamgir was right. Think, its a food for thought for you.

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