Real Story Behind Arab Spring (Autumn)

Current Affairs.- Arab Spring or Arab Autumn? The Real Hidden Story 
If you have interest in current affairs, international relations, international politics or foreign affairs then now you are on the best website which publish great analysis on current affairs. Today we shall discuss the reality of Arab Spring. I hope you will like this article. Arab Spring is in fact Arab Autumn. Arab people have been made fool by the term Arab Spring. Arab world has lost all its power in the name of Arab Spring. Now there is not a single Arab state that can defend the Arab countries. It was a direction less and useless revolution which has increased the plight of people in many countries. This revolution has changed just the faces, the system is the same still rather some countries like Libya, Syria and Yemen have even lost their existing system now anarchy, martial law, and civil war have become the fate of these countries. In fact Arab Spring was the master plan designed by West.

Causes & Back Ground
Arab Spring was the result of long period of dictatorship in North African and Middle East countries. Social media and internet have created so-called awareness among the masses of these countries. But this awareness was immature that’s why Egypt even could not digest the democracy for more than one year. People came out from there houses for change without any planning. They changed the governments and even systems of their countries but could not present the better alternative of the existing systems.

Current Affairs.- Arab Spring or Arab Autumn? The Real Hidden Story

Real Story Behind Arab Spring (Autumn)


Military and Islamic extremist elements are taking the benefit of this situation. Arab League also failed to counter this situation. Arab countries have become battle field. The script writer has achieved almost all his goals. Affected countries have lost their infrastructure, political system, military power and economic resources. Arab Spring was one of the worst conspiracy against Muslim countries during last 100 years. This so called Spring is know knocking at the door of Gulf countries. 10 Muslim countries have made an alliance against this conspiracy, there is need of wider alliance to counter this conspiracy.

Power sharing and introduction of democracy is the best solution of all problems of North African and Middle East countries. There is a need of introducing revolutionary reforms at gross root level to give people the sense of their share in the power. Nationalism is the part of problem rather than the part of solution. OIC should be strengthened. A defence treaty like NATO should be signed by all Muslim countries. I personally request to OIC t make at least joint anti terrorist force of at least 5 lacs soldiers. Muslim countries should make a think tank for suggesting minimum mandatory political reforms.

Media should be given more freedom. At least fully authorized local bodies should be established, People should be give civil liberties and awareness about the benefits of political stability. There is need of short term and long term planning to fail the script writer. Now the question arises that who is the script writer and master planner of this situation, you can easily guess the name of beneficiary countries of instability in this region. A great game is being played in the region. Many intelligence agencies of great powers and their local networks are active in the area. Innocent people of region are playing the role of puppets only. But the major culprit is the ruling class, which is not ready to share their powers with the people.

Please there are many models of democracy adopt a model as per your situation but give people their rights. Many Middle East countries have now realized the density of the situation and they are trying to introduce revolutionary reforms but there is a lot of room for more improvement, Pakistan has detected the conspiracy behind this so called rights movement and we are standing with our Muslim brothers. Pakistan government has announced that Pak Army will protect the Saudi Arabia and other Middle East Muslim countries. But kindly think about us too, we will fight for you just being a Muslim brother. You should invest more money in Pakistan than a non Muslim country China for showing your sincerity with us. Long Live Muslim Unity. Long Live OIC. All those students who want ot appear in any competitive exam like CSS, PMS, PCS should visit us and our facebook page daily for reading great articles on current affairs, international relations, foreign affairs and international politics.






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