Reality of Feng Shui – How It Affects Our Life ?

Magic of Feng Shui- Myth & Reality    
Many people believe in Feng Shui but there is no reality in it at all. Its just a myth but the question is that why millions of people believe in effects of Feng Shui and they claims that Feng Shui techniques are beneficial for them. In fact its just the magic of faith. When ever you believe in any thing from the core of your heart, your subconscious mind makes its an reality. I have tested the Feng Shui many times but got zero results from it every time. The reason is very obvious that i was testing its effects on human life without believing it. But if you will believe on it then definitely you will get some results. But it is the case with all super natural things.

In reality Feng Shui is just a Chinese drama. If you want to bring positive changes in your life then you will have to work hard in the right direction. Such myths are found in every society. China has become a super power due to which world is giving more importance to its traditional practices. People are earning millions of rupees in the name of Feng Shui. Writers are making you fool just for the sake of earning money. Its an mega fraud nothing else.

Reality of Feng Shui - How It Affects Our Life

Reality of Feng Shui – How It Affects Our Life ?


Chinese people are following the modern business rules and teaching the world so called rules of Feng Shui, which even they are not following. Now its up to you but i can challenge you that without believing you can not get positive results from Feng Shui. People with weak mind and will power takes it seriously. So come out of the fantasy world. Do what the Chinese are doing and avoid what they are saying. Culture of super power dominates the whole world. Its the only reason behind the popularity of Feng Shui. It can never give you positive results. Which results people gets are due to their blind belief. You can get such results from your local myths too.

There is no logic or understandable reasons behind it. Now a days just due to commercial purpose Feng Shui is being promoted globally. Cheaters need money and they can do anything to get their goal. Many such rules are followed in various cultures and nations but all of these are superstitions, A logical person will never believe it as its principles are not rational at all. Neither its a science nor arts but just collection of superstitions. Alas still many educated persons also believe in the principles of Feng Shui. Its just due to their weak connection with Almighty Allah.

Nothing is lucky for us except our good deeds. Feng Shui is not the part of solution rather it is the part of problem. It makes us inactive and idle. We depends upon supernatural things more than on our God’s gifted talent and hard work. So please think about it seriously as human beings are the best creature of Almighty Allah and no imaginary thing can affect their life at all. If you do not believe me then try it then share your experiences with our readers.We will publish your views.

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