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Reality of Pi Network, Price of Pi Coin, Benefits, Mining, Risks (Urdu-English)

All You Need To Know about Pi Network, Price of Pi Cryptocurrency, Pros & Cons
Pi Network is all about a new digital currency known as pi coin. This new pi cryptocurrency will be launched soon. Now a days lot of rumors are being spread about this new pi cryptocurrency on social media network, that’s why our tech team decided to guide you in this regard. Today in this post we shall try to cover all the aspects of Pi coin by pi network.


Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency was officially launched in 2008 and now it has become the most successful digital currency of the world. In 2008 Bitcoin invited the general public to join their platform for getting free bitcoins, but majority of people did not show their interest in that new initiative and now all these people are repenting for missing that golden opportunity. Those people were lucky who availed this opportunity. They took a risk but now they have got its reward too. Initially the price of Bitcoin was hardly one dollar. Now one Bitcoin is equal to about 44000$. All this happened in just 12 years. Even my teacher has become millionaire just because of Bitcoin trade.



Future is all about digital currencies. Viewing the great success of digital currencies lot of new digital currencies are also introduced in the market. Some were really fraud and some were real. Pi Network is also going to launch pi coin in near future. We can predict about its success or failure. But it seems to be risk free. Some critics are saying that its App may steal your sensitive mobile data but this may happen with any other unauthentic App too.



Scientists at Stanford University are behind the pi network. They are also following the successful model of Bitcoin by giving an opportunity to get free pi coins in the start. For making your account on pi network you will have to download Android App of Pi network which is available free of cost on Google Play. Procedure for getting free pi coins is also very easy as you will have to just push the mine button after each 24 hours. You have no need to be online for the full whole days as you online presence is required just for once after 24 hours for pushing the mine button. If you are interested to speed up your earning then invite your friends to join pi network through your code. You may share your code and link on social media sites too. This practice will increase the number of your earned pi coins a lot.



More on Pi Network
Android application of pi network was launched in March, 2019 and now after 2 year it is expected that soon. 1st price of pi digital currency will be announced. Its too a fact that this delay is also a cause of rumors in the market about the authenticity of this cryptocurrency. Its expected price may be between 5$ to 100$. After completion of 100 million users free mining will be stopped and pi network has already achieved this goal, so for getting free pi coins you will have to get yourself registered as early as possible.
Last but not least apparently it seems that this pie network is secure but there is no guarantee that pi network is not a scam, you may make your account on pi network on your own risk.



How To Register on Pi Network?
1-First of all download the App of pi network from Play Store of Google.

2-In the second step you will open the app for creating your account with the cell number registered with your name. You can also make your account on pie network via facebook but it is recommended to create it through your registered cell number.

3-Click on the mobile no option and first click on the option of your country e.g Pakistan and enter your registered cell number without 0 and click on Go. Then enter the password you can easily remember. The password should include a capital letter, a lower ABC letter, a symbol and one or two numbers.

4-Then enter your name in the name that is on your CNIC, because when your verification is done, if the name is different from your CNIC card, the account will be terminated. More details in Urdu language on pi network have been given below;

Reality of Pi Network, Price of Pi Coin, Benefits, Mining, Risks (Urdu-English)

Reality of Pi Network, Price of Pi Coin, Benefits, Mining, Risks (Urdu-English)