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Reality of Polio Vaccine, Myths & FAQ (Guide in Urdu & English)

Everything You Need to Know About Polio Vaccine
Vaccines are basically known as the effective medium of preventing some sort of life threatening illnesses or different disease by improving the immune system of the human body. This improvement in the immune system will prevent the body to stay prevented from all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Different types of vaccine programs have been introduced in the whole world to improving the health of entire population to a greater extent. Vaccines have proved to be effective and safe as well. It has been developed on the basis of scientific evidences. Same is the case with polio vaccine.



How vaccine works?
Normally the vaccine works by training into the immune system to identify all the viruses and bacteria’s. It will combat with combat with pathogen which can either bacteria or the virus. In order to perform it, different molecules from pathogens will be introduced within the body to easily trigger the immune response. These molecules are also known as antigens and they are normally present on all the viruses as well as bacteria.



Live-attenuated vaccines
Live vaccines make the use of weakened or even the attenuated form of certain germ that are major causes of certain health disease. This is probably because such vaccines are so much similar to the natural infections which they often help to prevent. This can create upon a strong and long lasting response on the immune. Most of the live vaccines just require 1-2 doses. This will provide a huge lifetime protection against the diseases and germs.



Inactivated vaccines
Inactivated vaccines make the use of certain killed version of any germ which can lead to any disease. It would not be providing any sort of immune sort of protection as much strong as the live vaccines. You will be in a requirement of so many doses with time for getting the ongoing immunity against diseases. Inactivated vaccines are best to work for Hepatitis A as well as Flu (shot only), Polio (shot only) and Rabies.



Is OPV Halal?
Any such medicine that is not at all harmful for the human body it is considered to be healthy and not at all illegal or haram for the people. In Islamic countries the use of OPV vaccine is not considered to be haram at all and it is purely halal.



From which body areas you can take vaccine?
Almost every country makes the use of vaccine through the teeth area of the body in which it is completely safe and healthy for the human body. By using it into the teeth it can easily clear off the bacteria and viruses from the body.



Hence there have been so many medical organizations who have introduced the vaccine of health for the kids and even for the people who are at the old age. It is guaranteed with 100% reliability and show healthy results for the body. You just need to acquire the vaccines from reliable stores and clinics. Polio vaccine is harmless and it gives 99% results. You should trust and cooperate with polio workers. Now read frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Polio vaccine in Urdu language;


Reality of Polio Vaccine, Myths & FAQ (Guide in Urdu & English)

Reality of Polio Vaccine, Myths & FAQ (Guide in Urdu & English)


Polio Vaccine FAQ