Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Career, Scope, Jobs, Subjects & Definition

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Introduction, Career, Scope, Jobs, Skills Required & Subjects 
Robotics & Artificial intelligence is a subject of future. Experts of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence believe that the day is not far when fiction will become a reality and robots and computers will be able to defeat the human intelligence.



Artificial intelligence helps us in using the computers for solution of non-numerical problems. The experts of Robotics & Artificial intelligence try to program computers and robots to emulate human brain-based skills. John McCarthy, who invented the term A.I defines it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. Basically its a branch of software engineering as a software engineer make programs for robots and computers to work independently. Robotics & Artificial intelligence has also close connection with mechanical engineering.



Robotics & Artificial intelligence Career, Scope, Jobs, Subjects & Definition

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Career, Scope, Jobs, Subjects & Definition


Jobs Career & Scope 
There is a great scope for experts of artificial intelligence in many industries all over the world. You may get job in following areas.
Robot Factories
Software Houses
Space Research Industries
Mechanical Labs
Production Units
Oil Exploration Industry
Educational Institutions
Automobile Industry
Aeronautical Field
Scientific Journals
Media Houses
Gaming Industry
Bio-medical Equipment Industry
Power Plants
Research Institutes
Agricultural Industry
Nanotechnology Industry
Chemical Industry
Electronics Industry



Required Skills
1-Creative and logical mind
2-Ability to learn and plan
3-Analytical mindset
4-Problem solving ability
5-Good command over mathematics, statistics and computer languages
6-General Intelligence


Who Should Study Robotics & Artificial intelligence?
1-Those students who have a strong urge to to create computers, computer and robots that possess intelligent behavior.
2-Those who want to lead a research oriented life.
3-Those who want to get job in reputed international companies.
4-Those who want job satisfaction by serving the humanity through their work.
5-Research lovers.



Why Study Robotics & Artificial intelligence?
1-To secure your future as there is a great demand of AI experts all over the world in numerous fields.
2-To avoid recession period in your whole career.
3-For get foreign immigration and work permit(not recommended at least for Pakistani students),
4-To excel in life as there is a great scope of AI all over the world.
5-To serve your nation as there are very few experts of Robotics & Artificial intelligence in Pakistan, You will be welcomed in educational institutes/research institutes and software houses only at present as our industry is still nor capable to use AI. You people can become pioneer in this field.



Subjects & Topics
We study following topics in AI.
Introduction to AI
Artificial Life
Problem formulation
Complex Systems
Nonlinear Systems
Production system
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Science
Computer Languages
Computer Vision
Propositional logic
Cybernetics and Systems Theory
Evolutionary Algorithms
First order predicate logic
Expert Systems
Fuzzy Logic
General Artificial Intelligence
Pattern Recognition
Knowledge Representation
Machine Learning
Multilayer Neural Networks
Medical Applications of AI
Natural Language and Computational Linguistics
Self-Organizing Neural Networks
Neural Networks
Qualitative Modeling and Reasoning
Mechanical Engineering
Reinforcement Learning
Speech Recognition and Synthesis


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