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Role of Prayer in Our Success

All the spiritual souls specially Muslims believe in prayers. Prayer is a hidden force which help us whenever we are in trouble waters. We should remember that a tree that has deep roots can survive even in a violent storm. Same is the case of a person who have deep faith in Allah. He can face any problem without any fear. So first thing which we need to know that our faith in Allah should be strong. We should never forget that as long as there is some one on the sky to help us there is no one the earth to harm us.We Muslims says in our daily prayer “Samee Allahoo Layman Hamidah” (Allah hears and accepts the praise of one who praises), we just need to believe on what we say 5 times in a day. Payer play the role of catalyst in our success. It gives us hope, energy and confidence which prerequisite of success in life. Here is the best prayer for all problems.

Best Prayer for All Problems
Best Prayer For All Problems 

Some people do not believe in praying, i just want to share a small story with them. A man went to a barber for hair cutting. They started to talk with each others. The barber told the man that he does not believe in Almighty Allah. Man asked the reason? Hairdresser replied look around what is happening in the world with people, they are hungry, poor, disgraced defeated and helpless. If Almighty Allah is there why he does not help his creature. Man did not argue with the barber on the topic and left the saloon. As he left the shop, he saw a man with long beard and rough hair passing by. He went to the hair dresser and said there is no barber in the this world. The hair dresser said it is wrong, i am a barber and how can you say it? The man said look outside there are people with rough and long hair which proves that there is no barber in the world. The hair dresser said no your logic is wrong because they themselves are responsible for their condition, they do not come to me for hair cutting.The man smiled and said the same is the case with people because they do not go to Allah. So remember that Allah is always near to us he listen us there is just need of praying with firm believe in him.

Role of Prayer in Our Success


Role of Prayer in Our Success

Why Our Prayer is Not Accepted? 

Almighty Allah has always just three replies to our prayers
2-Yes but later
3- I have a better plan for you.
Again keep this thing in your mind that Almighty Allah never says no to anyone. So have a firm faith in him and continue praying until the final success. Unexpected results and problems are part of a man’s life. Never loose hope and trust in Allah in any condition, because darkness of night always finish with light of day. It is a reality that only struggle provides you the chances of success but addition of faith on Allah converts into guaranty. Yes i admit that some times prayer does not change the situation but it changes our attitude towards the situation and gives us hope which changes our entire life. So keep praying.

Once a saint was asked “what did you gain by regularly praying to God?”. He replied i can not count the things which i got but i can tell you the things which i lost just because of praying i.e anger, greed, depression, sense of insecurity and fear of death. Prayer bless us not just by achieving any thing but also by losing.

In the last i just want to say that no matter how softly you whisper in your prays, Allah listens and knows even the hopes and fears we keep in our hearts. When we trust in his love, miracles happen.When we pray, Allah hears more than we say. He answers more than we ask. He gives more than we imagine but at his own time and his own style. May Almighty Allah fulfill yours righteous desires you start whispering. Ameen. Visit your own website and its facebook page regularly for reading articles on secrets of success in life. Remember us too in your prayers.

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