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Safety Officer Training, Career, Scope, Nature of Work, Salary, Courses & Jobs

Safety Officer Training (Occupational Health & Safety) Definition, Degrees, Career, Scope, Jobs, Salary, Responsibilities, Job Types, Tips, & Employment Areas

Safety officers are responsible to monitor an organiation for safety purpose. They ensure that a company and its workers are either following the necessary safety standard rules and regulations or not. Its a field with great scope specially in developed countries. In Pakistan only short course in OHS are available, but you may also go for MSc, MS degree in risk and disaster management.

Safety Officer Training (Occupational Health & Safety) Definition, Degrees, Career, Scope, Jobs, Salary, Responsibilities, Job Types & Employment Areas

Safety Officer Training, Career, Scope, Nature of Work, Salary, Courses & Jobs

What is Safety Officer? (Responsibilities & Nature of Work)
1-They train the employees about the necessary safety rules and regulations.
2-Conduct demo exercises to guides the workers for avoiding nervousness in any emergency situation.
3-Occasionally report the employer about current status of occupational health and safety in their organization.
4-They try to reduce the safety risk element at the work place, for this purpose they inspect the machinery and factory very carefully as per the international standard. They make it sure that company is meeting with international security standards. They try to identify and minimize expected hazards and risks.
5-They identify the areas in which a company is not complying with the safety rules related to its trade and business. As per latest international standards all the organizations are bound to obey the legislation relating to their duties of care, workplace activities and the use of their machinery and raw material (specially toxic, poisonous and explosive raw material).
6-They also warn the employers about the required safety steps.
7-They make it sure that employers are using all required and recommended safety equipment like helmet, dust masks, safety googles, apran and shoes.
8-Being safety officer he delivers special training lectures to guide the employer, employees and administration about occupational safety rules and techniques..
9-They monitor that how much an organization is following rules for the safety of employees and work place.
10-They try to locate the areas with maximum risks of accident and health hazards. They also suggest standard preemptive control measures to avoid such potential accidents and health hazards in a work place.
11-They assist the engineers for obeying the necessary safety regulations.
12-They record report and investigate the accidents, injuries, deaths, hazards, diseases and other occupational healthcare related issues.
13-Develop standard occupational health and safety system, policy, procedure and manual for different industries as per the international standard and local rules.
14-They also make is sure that explosive and dangerous material has been stored in a safe and sound atmosphere.
15-Guide the victim of accident about his rehabilitation process. Try to prepare them to work again with more precautionary measures.
16- Monitor facilitate, guide and coordinate emergency exit, mine rescues, ambulance, firefighting, rescue 1122 and first aid workers.
17-They try their best to introduce and apply standard occupational health and safety measures in a company for providing a safer and healthier atmosphere of working.
18-They assist the public investigation officials in case of any fatal accident due to unsafe working atmosphere. They investigate the expected and suggest precautionary measures for future.
19-Being chief safety officer he monitor and guide his subordinates about latest techniques.
20-They monitor the safety condition in a certain company.
21-Conduct workshops and short training courses on occupational safety, risk and disaster management.
22-Coordinate with the related public departments and ensure them his company is complying with all rules and regulation regarding occupational health and safety.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope
Now a days there is great demand of safety officers in Middle East, Europe, Canada and USA. They are given very handsome salary. Majority of organization give on job training too. But it is recommended to get diploma or degree in occupational safety or risk and disaster management for better job offer.
OHS Job Types
Master Trainer
Safety Officer
Worker of Emergency Services
Worker of Occupational Health Regulating Authority
Employee of Disaster Management Authority
Rescue 1122 Worker
Employee of Civil Defence Department

OHS Employment Areas
Multinational Companies
Rescue 1122
Civil Defence Department
Colleges and Universities
Occupational Institutes
Occupational Health Regulating Authority
Emergency Services
Policy Making Departments
Industry Department
Fire Fighting Department

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