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SBK Women University (SBKWU) Pharm D Admission 2024

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University SBKWU Pharm-D Admission 2024
We have official information for you about these Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University admission 2024. Keep connected with us and we will update you regularly. It is their department of pharmacy which has opened these admissions. If you want to become a pioneer in this university, then do take admission over here. For their pharmacy-D program, they have opened this window. This will be their first batch which will be enrolled in the year of 2024. For the information, this Pharm-D program is of duration of 5 years and this is quite a comprehensive program which is offered in most of the universities. Now SBK women university and their department of pharmacy has also taken this initiative. Those girls who could not qualify for their MBBS, BDS studies, they can opt this line. This is a suitable alternative which girls prefer to opt. Below you can read more of the details regarding these SBK university admissions.



Details of SBK Women University SBKWU Pharm D Admission 2024
It is from March 2024 that your classes will be started. These admissions are opened for the official academic session of 2024.

You can check the official site of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University and have more details about the processing. You can contact to their registrar department so that any queries of yours can be answered back.



Only female candidates can apply and they should have Fsc pre medical degree in their hands. If you have an equivalent education, then you can officially apply in this Pharm-D program. Your inter exam marks have to be 60% and in your NTS test, you should have a score of 50%. If you have less than 60% marks and score, then you cannot be applying in this university. And in your NTS test, you should be scoring maximum 50%. On the basis of these conditions and requirements, you will score an admission in this SBK university.



This is the state of art department which is opened by this university. This program is a recognized program from the side of pharmacy council of Pakistan.



Last Date to Apply in SBK Women University Pharm D Admission 2024
Candidates will have time till 0th September, 2023 to submit their forms. After this date, no forms are going to accepted from the side of admission committee. Do follow this date and official time line which is made and schedule for the respective candidates.


It is during the office hours that you can get the prospectus and also your admission form. From the admission cell of this SBK women university, these documents which include the admission form and prospectus can be grabbed.


Keep in touch with us and more details on this Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University SBKWU admission 2024 phase will be provided. Apply in their Pharm-D program and be the part of it. Right now just this program and admission in it is announced by this university and more of the updated and future details will be given.

SBK Women University (SBKWU) Pharm D Admission 2024

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