Scholarships 2022 for The Students of Southern Punjab

Latest Scholarships 2022 For The Students of Southern Punjab
Ashraf Foundation has announced a scholarship program for students from Southern Punjab. For the information, Ashraf Foundation has been offering these scholarship incentives to their students since 2011. Those students who will be finalized for this scholarship program, they will be send to reputable and well established degree universities in Lahore. This  Ashraf  Foundation  scholarship program is for higher education. Those students from Southern Punjab who cannot complete their higher education degree programs then they can apply for these scholarships. Ashraf Foundation will be bearing their fees and expenses on behalf of these students. It is true universities of Lahore are more well established as compared to the universities in other cities of Pakistan. Faculty of Lahore universities is more trained and capable enough. Companies and big industries also prefer those students for their jobs who have degrees from Lahore universities. Now Ashraf Foundation can fulfill your dream and wishes. Students from Southern Punjab can stand side by side with the other students as well. Large number of students from this region of Punjab are already getting education because of the financial assistance given by this foundation.



Details About Scholarships 2022 for The Students of Southern Punjab
You can avail this scholarship for your undergraduate program studies. This scheme of scholarships is available for the programs of BBA bachelor of business administration, BS in mass communication, BS in public administration, BS in software engineering, BS in computer science.


You should have intermediate or A-level education to become qualified for this scholarship. You should have 45% marks in your intermediate degree.


This Ashraf  Foundation scholarship program is also available for master programs. Apply for this scholarship if you want to do MBA executive for 2 years, MBA professional of 3.5 years. For master programs, you should have graduation degree along with minimum 45% marks.



Process to Apply Scholarships 2022 for The Students of Southern Punjab
00rd Aug, 2022 is last date to apply. Students from region of Southern Punjab, this deadline should be kept by them. No queries and requests will be acceptable if they will be received after the date of 00rd August, 2022.


You should be sending your name, city name, previous degree marks on this mobile phone number: 0336-4667131, 0331-1070659. You should be sending on time SMS on these mobile phone numbers. Text your correct data and details on this contact number.

Ashraf Foundation has already made its list of government universities where students will be studying. Once you will be finalized for this  Ashraf  Foundation scholarship program then you will be studying in those universities which are as selected and chosen by Ashraf Foundation.


Once scholarship will be accepted then you will be bearing 35% to 50% of your tuition fees on your own.
Result awaiting students can too apply.
Now students of Southern Punjab will be at par and will be getting same level and standard of knowledge likewise other students from different cities of Pakistan are getting! This scholarship opportunity should be availed by students of Southern Punjab so that they can get best standard of higher education from well reputed universities of Lahore.

Scholarships 2022 for The Students of Southern Punjab

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