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Scope of Architecture in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Syllabus, Tips (Urdu & English)

Career in Architecture & Architectural Engineering in Pakistan – Job Prospects, Salary, Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, Scope, Tips in Urdu & English
We know that this degree program of architecture, it is quite loved all over the world. It is an intensely interesting program and especially the Pakistan students, they are heavily opting and showing their support to this program. Let us check out the basic stuff about this field line and what important requirements have to be fulfilled so that you can get an entry pass for this field line.

Five Years Degree Program of Architecture
To have the graduation degree in architecture, you have to complete the five year span. We have the most famous and well university in Pakistan which is National college of Arts, they offer architecture degree and students really wish to be in this institute. Arts and science students are eligible for this program, you will be tested on three areas and they are drawing, English and mathematics.

Scope of Architecture Field
You can work as an architectural technologist or you can serve as CAD technician. You can look for the job as an interior designer. Then we have seen architectures who work as spatial designers or as urban designers. You can get job options as building surveyor professionals or commercial residential surveyor. These professionals can become a construction manager or an estate manager. Then working as a higher education lecturer, planning surveyor, landscape architect or development surveyor, these convenient options are opened for you.

If you know about the concept of numeracy and design and also drawing, if you have know how on the area of computer-aided design (CAD) and possess project management skills, then you will see a continuous growth in your life. These professionals should know the process of solving problems by following the analytical approach and logical approach.

Registration from Pakistan Council of Architect And Town Planners PCATP
If you want to officially start your personal and private practice in this architecture field, then make sure that you do get the certificate from PCATP. It is from this body that you will do your registration, they will hand over you the certificate and license and you can then set up your own architecture firm.

Syllabus And Subjects for Architecture Degree Program
The subjects like that of basics of design, mathematics for architecture, computer applications, the subject of visual communication and language of architecture- they are studied by you. Then the student will be taught on the subjects of materials and construction, technical drawing subject, communication skills subject. In this degree, these subjects are also included and they are man and environment, history and theory of architecture, building technologies course. Then the course of architectural design studio, construction management, contemporary architecture, computational design, they are offered to you.

Are you planning to study architecture? Let us know too. So the basic info on this architecture field is given to you, for more data, you can keep in touch and we will tell you the facts and basic info on other interesting fields.

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Scope of Architecture in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Syllabus, Tips (Urdu & English)

Scope of Architecture in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Syllabus, Tips (Urdu & English)