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Scope of BS Speech Language Pathology in Pakistan, Jobs, Fee, Subjects, Universities,Pay

BS SLP (Speech and Language Pathology) Career Scope in Pakistan, Job Options, Eligibility, Duration, Fee, Merit, Subjects, Universities, Salary, Admission & Tips
BS Speech Language Pathology is a 4-year undergraduate degree program which is offered by a limited number of universities in Pakistan. The scope of BS Speech and Language Pathology is very limited in Pakistan as there are only a handful of universities offering this degree. The graduates of this degree can find jobs in different settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, old homes, orphan houses, private clinics and schools. There is a great demand for speech language pathologists in Pakistan especially in the private sector. The average salary of a speech language pathologist in Pakistan is around PKR 40,000 per month.


Scope of BS Speech Language Pathology in Pakistan, Jobs, Fee, Subjects, Universities,Pay


Scope of BS Speech Language Pathology in Pakistan, Jobs, Fee, Subjects, Universities,Pay


There are two main types of SLPs: clinical SLPs and research SLPs. Clinical SLPs provide direct patient care while research SLPs conduct studies to improve our understanding of communication disorders.


Most SLPs work full time although some may work part time or on a per-diem basis. Many SLPs also provide services on a contractual basis.



What is Speech Language Pathology or SLP?

Speech-language pathology is a field of healthcare that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work with patients who have problems with any aspect of communication from speaking to understanding language to using gestures and body language. Some common disorders that SLPs treat include stuttering dysarthria and apraxia. SLPs also work with patients who have difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) or who have lost their voice (aphonia).


Who is a Speech Language Pathologist or Speech Therapist?

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) work to prevent assess diagnose and treat speech language social communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. SLPs work with individuals who have difficulty with any of the following:


• Articulation (producing sounds)
• Fluency (stuttering)
• Resonance (sound quality)
• Voice (pitch loudness and tone)
• Receptive and expressive language skills (including gestures and body language)
• Social communication skills


SLPs work in a variety of settings including schools hospitals private practices early intervention programs, NGOs, special children rehabilitation centers, special children schools, clinics, nursing homes, daycare centers, home & family health care service providers and nursing homes. They may also provide teletherapy services.



BS SLP (Speech and Language Therapy) Duration, Eligibility, Merit & Fee

BS Speech Language Pathology is program of 8 semesters. In four years students have to study 130 credit hours. At present the merit of BS SLP is not very high as compared to other allied health sciences BS programs. In government universities you will have to face higher competition as compared to private universities. FSc pre medical students with minimum 2nd division can apply for admission in BS SLP program. Total fee of this program in 2022 in private sector is about 640000 PKR (Superior University).



BS Speech Language Pathology Scope in Pakistan

The BS in Speech Language Pathology is a four-year undergraduate degree that qualifies the student to work as a speech-language pathologist in Pakistan. The scope of work for a speech-language pathologist in Pakistan is to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals with communication disorders. The individual must be able to identify the nature and extent of the disorder formulate goals and objectives for treatment and provide the necessary therapy to achieve those goals. Now lot of job opportunities are being offered in Pakistan for SLP professionals. They may get job in government and private institutes. They are now offered handsome monthly salary. Speech language pathologists work with different organizations at a time. They are visit these institutes on different dates on every month. In this way they earn much more than their monthly salary. That’s why now scope of BS SLP is increasing in Pakistan with rapid speed.



Responsibilities of a Speech Language Pathologist

A speech language pathologist (SLP) is a professional who assesses diagnoses treats and helps to prevent communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Communication disorders can range from mild to severe and can include conditions such as stuttering voice disorders and difficulty with understanding or using spoken language.



Speech language pathologists work with people who have difficulty speaking or producing sounds correctly as well as those with more severe conditions such as stuttering vocal cord paralysis aphasia (difficulty understanding or producing spoken or written language) and dysarthria (difficulty articulating words). They also work with people who have difficulty swallowing due to stroke brain injury or other conditions.



The primary responsibility of an SLP is to assess and treat individuals with communication and swallowing disorders. This may involve working with people one-on-one in small groups or in larger settings such as schools or nursing homes. In addition to treatment SLPs may also be responsible for conducting research teaching classes supervising students and writing reports. They also provide one to one counseling sessions to their patients at their clinics. Now they also providing the same service online.



Skills & Qualities Required in a Speech Language Pathologist

In order to be successful in this field it is important to have excellent communication skills both oral and written. You should also be patient and compassionate as you will be working with patients of all ages who may be struggling with frustrating and emotional issues. In addition it is important to have good problem-solving skills in order to be able to develop individualized treatment plans for each patient.

List of Universities Offering BS Speech and Language Pathology Program in Pakistan

Following universities and medical institutes are offering BS SLP program in Pakistan;
Rehman Medical Institute Peshawar, Fmh Medical College Lahore, UOL Lahore, The Institute of Child Health Lahore, Multan Medical & Dental College, RLMC Lahore, Bakhtawar Ameen Medical & Dental College Multan, KMU Peshawar, PSRD College of Rehabilitation Sciences LHR, Yusra Medical Islamabad, NIMS Islamabad, Riphah International University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Faisalabad & Lahore, Superior University, Nur International University LHR, STMU Isl, University of Faisalabad and SZABMU Islamabad.



Syllabus of BS SLP

Here is a full list of subjects taught in BS Speech Language Pathology:
Audiology, Pathology, Functional English, Computing, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Islamic Studies, Communication & Writing Skills, Technical Writing & Presentation Skills, Aphasia, Pakistan Studies, Linguistic Analysis, Pharmacology, Language Acquisition, Neuro Anatomy of Speech and Hearing, Speech and Hearing Disorders & Related Disciplines, General Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Stuttering, General Surgery, Diagnostics, Motor Speech Disorders, Medical Aspects of SLP, Patient Care, Biostatistics, Voice Disorders, Language Disorders, Articulation & Phonological Disorders, Research Methodology, Communication Modalities, Medical Ethics, Dysphagia, Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation, Research Project, Supervised Clinical Practice and Neuro Physiology of Speech and Hearing.


Benefits of Studying BS Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathology is the study of human communication and its disorders. It is a field of study that can be both rewarding and challenging. Individuals who enter into this field of study will be able to help those who have difficulty communicating. The skills that are learned while studying speech and language pathology can be used in a variety of settings such as schools hospitals and private practices. SLP professionals can get both job satisfaction and good income. They may serve the humanity. They may become researcher for serving the humanity at large.


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BS SLP is a degree for kind hearten students who have some special aim in life. Its a rewarding career too. Females in Pakistan are now taking more interest in the BS Speech Language Pathology degree program. Its an alternative degree program for those students who could not clear MDCAT or could not get admission in medical or dental college. Its too a allied health sciences degree with lot of scope abroad too. If you want to become a speech pathologist or speech therapist then get admission in BS Speech Language Pathology program right now. Now its time to watch a video on the related topic;