Scope of Eastern Medicine (BEMS & FTJ) in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Career Counseling in Urdu and English Languages About Scope of Eastern Medicine in Pakistan (FTJ/DUMS & BEMS)

Eastern medicines can do miracles in the field of medical science but this field lacks proper research on modern basis. Our local herbs have great medicinal value. First modern medicine for hypertension (High Blood Pressure) was invented by Pakistan scientist Dr Saleem ul Zaman Saddiqe. He derived this medicine Ajmaline from Rauwolfia plant which Hakeem Ajmal Khan used to prescribe for treatment of hypertension. Later on he discovered many new medicines from local herbs and shrubs like Neem. Still there are unlimited eastern medicines need to be discovered. All students who want to chose best research based further study option after failing to clear MCAT entry test must think about eastern medicine option too.

Initially there was no proper education of eastern medicines was available in Pakistan. Then first FTJ diploma was introduced. Still FTJ was just a non research based diploma, which was taught in traditional tibbia college. These tibbia colleges have neither highly qualified faculty members nor scientific equipment for research. Then Shahheed Hakeem Muhammad Saeed took the responsibility of promoting eastern medicine. His Hamdard University launched a new program BEMS. Hamdard laboratories and Qarshi laboratories are launching research based eastern medicines. Now many other universities have also started BEMS degree program in Pakistan like Qarshi University, Islamia University Bahawalpur and Jinnah University For Women Karachi.

Eastern medicines are becoming very popular among general public. Same is the case with BEMS degree, research minded students are taking this degree as best alternative of MBBS and BDS programs. This BEMS degree program is equivalent to MBBS and BDS programs and is recognized by HEC and even UAE. BEMS graduates can find jobs in herbal pharmaceutical industry, government dispensaries and Tibbia/homeopathic colleges.

We have written detailed separate career counseling articles in English language on the scope of FTJ and BEMS in our courses and career categories. You must read these articles for in-depth career counseling. On this page you may find career counseling article in Urdu language too about scope of eastern medicine in Pakistan. DHMS and BHMS are two alternative programs of FTJ and BEMS. These programs are not about eastern medicine but about homeopathic medical system. Keep visiting for reading more career counseling articles on all degrees, diploma and certificate courses.

Scope of Eastern Medicine (BEMS & FTJ) in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Scope of Eastern Medicine (BEMS & FTJ) in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

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