Scope of Game Development in Pakistan (Smart Tips in Urdu & English)

Career and Scope of Game Development in Pakistan- Smart Tips in English & Urdu Languages
Game development has become an important career options in 21st century. Its an ideal career option for creative people. There is a great demand of game developers in local and international IT market. Have you not listened about the great success and popularity of blue whale and ludo star games. Developers of these online games are earning millions of dollars. There are still many traditional games which can be developed for internet users. Game developers can work as freelancers too. They can earn handsome amount of money while staying at home through freelancing websites. Just one popular game can make you successful in this field.

Now we are living in an online world. After the introduction of smart phones, 3G and 4G our youth has become addict of online games. Craze for online games is increasing day by day even in household ladies. That’s why many IT experts are taking interest in this sector. You may become game developer even without getting any professional undergraduate degree of IT or computer science. If you have interest in game development then you may join this field even after short diploma course in android game development. Many institutes in all major cities of Pakistan are offering such short courses. Remember that in the field of game development your skills matters more than your professional qualification as here your employer has interest in your expertise rather than a piece of paper.

Career in the Field of Game Development

It is recommended for general students to get proper degree in computer science.Here again i want to clear that in all fields of computer sciences and professional fields your educational institute is not important, here you are judged by your abilities related to your field. If you have craze for game development then you may take short cut of diploma course.

It is not necessary for you to develop a new game. You may develop a more easy and interesting version of an old game too. For example there are unlimited ludo games are available on internet. But Ludo Star has become popular as its rules are same as we Asian people play it in our bed rooms and drawing rooms. You may even develop interesting new versions of atari games. Remember still many people are missing old games of atari and saga. You may chose this idea for your future game development. There are many other ideas too. Always follow the demand and supply rule. Develop a game which is popular in a specific area, gender or age group. My own brother has develop a new version of ping pong atari game and earning lot in this field. Below this page you may read an article in Urdu language about scope of game development in Pakistan. If you are really a knowledge seeker then visit and its facebook page daily.

Scope of Game Development in Pakistan (Smart Tips in Urdu & English)

Scope of Game Development in Pakistan (Smart Tips in Urdu & English)


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