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Scope of Microsoft Office Course in Pakistan, Advantages, Job Options, Pay, Uses, Fee

Career & Scope of MS Office Certificate in Pakistan, Benefits, Installation, Jobs, Salary, Uses, Fees, Admission, Syllabus, Money Making Techniques & Duration
Microsoft Office is a collection of desktop applications that offer versatile tools for a variety of tasks, from personal to professional productivity. The most common uses of Office include creating and editing documents, managing emails, designing presentations and more. Microsoft Office is available in different versions, with various features & prices. The most popular versions are Office 365 and Office 2019, both of which are available for either Windows or Mac.



Microsoft Office applications are divided into six different categories namely, Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Databases, E-mail, and Web Development. Some of the popular applications under Microsoft Office suite are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook etc.



Scope of Microsoft Office Course in Pakistan, Advantages, Job Options, Pay, Uses, Fee

Scope of Microsoft Office Course in Pakistan, Advantages, Job Options, Pay, Uses, Fee


Scope of Microsoft Office Course in Pakistan

Now in the era of digitization Microsoft Office course has become a mandatory requirement for all types of office jobs. It is required both for government and private jobs. Now a days even that person is considered computer literate who can use MS office, so it is highly recommended to learn the use of MS office before any other computer course. It will help you a lot in getting job or internship. You also need to go for advanced MS office training.



MS Office Course Modules

MS Office course is a type of software related course which is very popular among the people specially who are using Microsoft products. It is very useful for those who want to improve their productivity in using Microsoft Office. The scope of this course is to teach the participants about the features & uses of MS Office. The MS Office course is divided into different modules which cover different aspects of Microsoft Office.The first module of the Microsoft Office course covers the basics of MS Office & its interface. In the second module you are told about all the key features of this software & how to use them for different purposes.



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The third module covers the advanced features of MS Office & how to use them effectively. In the fourth module you will learn about various types of MS Office documents & how to create them. Its fifth module is related to different methods to share Microsoft Office documents. The sixth module is about various ways to manage MS Office documents. The 7th module covers the different methods to print M.S Office documents. The last module is all about different methods to secure your MS Office documents. In offline course students are given on hour daily for practice in lab.



Benefits of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, from personal to professional productivity. It offers a variety of benefits including:


1-A wide range of applications to suit a variety of needs.
2-Tools for both personal & professional productivity.
3-Different versions to suit different budgets.
4-Available for both Windows & Mac.



Who Should Learn Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is suitable software for a wide range of users from students to businessmen. Those who can benefit from learning Microsoft Office include:


1-Students who need to complete school/college/university assignments or projects.


2-Professionals who need to create documents, presentations or spreadsheets for work.


3-Businesses who need to manage emails, create marketing materials or develop financial reports.


4-Job seekers who want to improve their computer skills for getting any kind of office job.




Syllabus of Microsoft Office

The syllabus for Microsoft Office depends on the version being studied. However, common topics include:

1-An introduction to the different applications in Office
2-How to create & edit documents in Word?
3-How to design presentations in PowerPoint?
4-How to manage emails & create calendars in Outlook?
5-How to develop spreadsheets & perform calculations in Excel?



Cost on Learning Microsoft Office

The training cost of learning MS Office depends on the version being studied in any specific course, some course cover the advance topics too so their fee is high. The cost also depends on the delivery method, with online courses typically being cheaper than in-person courses.



Some versions of Microsoft Office are free to use such as the versions that come pre-installed on computers. However these versions typically have fewer features than the paid versions.



What Is MS Excel?

MS Excel is a spreadsheet application that can be used to perform calculations, develop graphs & charts and create pivot tables.



Uses of MS Excel

You may use Microsoft Excel for lot many tasks including:

1-Developing spreadsheets for calculations & data analysis
2-Creating graphs & charts to visualize data
3-Developing pivot tables to summarize data
4-Creating macros to automate tasks



What Is MS PowerPoint?

MS PowerPoint is a presentation application which can be used to create slideshows & even presentations of all kinds.



Uses of MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is used for following tasks:

1-Creating slideshows & presentations.
2-Inserting and editing images, videos & sound.
3-Adding transitions & animations.
4-Creating hyperlinks.



What Is MS Word?

MS Word is a word processing application which can be used to create & edit documents.



Uses of MS Word

MS Word can be used for large range of tasks for example:

1-Creating & editing documents.
2-Formatting documents.
3-Inserting & editing images, videos and sound.
4-Creating hyperlinks.



Jobs After Learning MS Office

Those who are proficient in using MS Office can find jobs in large number of industries which include:

1-Administrative assistant
2-Data entry clerk
3-Office manager
4-Customer service representative
5-Human resources assistant



MS Office Installation

Microsoft Office software can be installed on a computer in a few different ways, depending on the version being used by user.



How to Make Money Using MS Office?

There are many methods to make money using MS Office including:

1-Developing & selling Excel templates
2-Creating PowerPoint templates
3-Designing printables in Word
4-Providing Virtual Assistant services



What Is The Duration of MS Office Course?

Generally 3 months MS Office course is being offered by different IT colleges in Pakistan. Digiskills is also offering online MS office course 100% free of cost.



Salary of MS Office Experts

The salary of MS Office experts varies depending on the job position & nature of industry. However the average salary for MS Office experts in Pakistan is 20000 to 30000 rupees per month.



MS Office Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Microsoft Office, including Google Docs, AWPS Office, Calligra, apple Mail, and even Mozilla Firefox. Each of these programs have their own strengths and weaknesses that can be important when it comes to managing your business.



Is Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification worth it?

Yes, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is definitely worth it. This certification can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to work in a variety of office environments, including customer service, sales, marketing & more. You will also get experience working with different software versions & tools, which is important if you want to move up in your career.



Tips & Conclusion

In short MS Office course is very much recommended for all of you rather you should go for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. If it is not possible for you then get MS office training from a government or reputed institute. We shall recommend you digital literacy course by Digiskills. Practice is the key of success here too so use all the software of MS office as much as you can for mastering them. Remember that for many government jobs in Pakistan expertise in Microsoft MS is mandatory like UDC, LDC, clerk, data entry operator etc.



Try to go for advanced Microsoft Office course specially learn advanced MS Excel formulas. You should also increase your typing speed and learn shorthand writing if you want to win quality government job in Pakistan. Last but not least remember that Tevta also offers Microsoft certification course of 4 month duration for matric pass students whose age is less than 18 years. These classes are offered free of cost with the cooperation of Microsoft its self.  Visit following link of before leaving this page;



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