Scope of Sap Course in Pakistan, Career Counseling Guide, Jobs, Pay

Career Scope of Sap Certification in Pakistan, Jobs Option, Pay, Modules
For the information, this Sap is the abbreviation of systems applications and products. Here we will discuss regarding this SAP certification. You will understand as well that what is the actual scope of this certification course in Pakistan. We have collected the career counseling guide for you. This is one of the commonly used softwares which are utilized by the business companies and multi national companies for managing their financial data. It was in 1972 year that this SAP software was founded in Pakistan. If you want to learn regarding the management process of financial data and if you want to learn as to how to handle business operations, then first you have to get this SAP certification. It is a complex software and you should take out enough time to understand and learn the usage of it.


Scope of Sap Course in Pakistan, Career Counseling Guide, Jobs, Pay

Demand And Scope of Sap Course in Pakistan- Career Counseling Guide for You
If any one person will get and acquire this SAP certification, then no doubt every single multinational company will be hiring you. As you are going to become specialized with respect to the financial management aspect and you will learn how to handle all sorts of business operations. Then obviously, your worth will get higher. So, it is advised if you are even a little bit interested in completing this SAP certification, then just give it a try and you will get so many opportunities.

Modules of Sap Course in Pakistan
For the information, the main and total modules which you have to study in this phase of SAP certification, they are FICO SAP, Sales and Distribution (SD) SAP, Materials Management (MM) SAP. There is also more list of modules and they are Production Planning PP SAP, human capital management HCM SAP, ABAP SAP, BASIS SAP.

Courses of Sap Certification in Pakistan
In this SAP certification, there are plenty number of courses and subjects which it is must for you to study. And without the learning from these courses, your certification will remain incomplete. The list of subjects are introduction on ERP systems, the overall essence of SAP business one, personality of SAP business one, MRP material requirements planning, CRM customer relationship management, SAP crystal reports management.

You will study these courses too and they are banking, financial accounting, sales process, purchase process, warehouse management, inventory management, production management, campaign management, HRM, interactive analysis, Lumria.

Jobs to Get After Completing The Sap Course in Pakistan
Moving on to more and further aspects of career counseling guide. Once you will get this SAP certification, then you will be given job in the high level firms, multinational companies, high level organizations, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, big and high scale business units, MTO SAP finance accounting department.

By successfully acquiring this certification, you can work in the sector of manager internal audit, human resource manager pay roll, auditor, accountant, senior officer, biomass energy specialist, web accountant officer.

Pay Range After Completing The Sap Course in Pakistan
Lastly, we have pay range information for you and those individuals who have received this SAP, they are given the per month pay of Rs 60,000 to Rs 250,000.

So get this SAP certification and share your feedback as well.

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