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Scope of Studying History, Career, Jobs, Duties of Historian (Urdu-English)

Career Scope of History, Benefits, Job Prospects, Tips in Urdu & English Languages
History is one of the most important subject of humanities. It is taught from school level in Pakistan, so getting a teaching job is very easy in this field as an historian you may get job from school to university level educational institutes. Herodotus, Al-Biruni, Ibn Khaldun, Toynbee were some famous historians of the past. Dr Mubarik Ali is most distinguished historian in Pakistan.

Duties of Historians
Historian writes/records the important events of his era or past and their effects on human civilization. He also critically evaluate the history written by other historian to drive the real truth from it.

Job Prospects
Being a historian you may get jobs in museums, historical buildings, educational institutions and research institutes. History is basically an academic subject still historians can get jobs in multiple fields of life like media, civil service, local government departments, private sector, administrative and investigation departments.

Benefits of Studying History in Pakistan
If you are studying arts in Pakistan then you should chose History too in FA, BA, O-level or A-Level. After graduation you may go for MA History or MSc Pakistan Studies. For becoming a lecturer you need to go for M.Phil or MS after MA History. For joining the schools as Pak Studies or History teacher go for B.Ed after masters.

This subject will also help you a lot in all kinds of recruitment tests including CSS and PMS exams. Big proportion of one paper MCQs tests for jobs consists of multiple choice questions related to History/Pakistan Studies and its related subjects like current affairs, political science, international relations etc. You may also opt this subject as elective subject of CSS or PMS exam in Pakistan. Good knowledge about History will also help you in compulsory papers of Pakistan affairs (CSS) and general knowledge (PMS). We have written detailed articles on MA History, Islamic History, American History, World History, Pakistan Studies and Pakistan History. Links of these posts have been given below along with an career counseling based article on scope of studying History in Urdu language.

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Scope of Studying History, Career, Jobs, Duties of Historian (Urdu-English)

Scope of Studying History, Career, Jobs, Duties of Historian (Urdu-English)