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Career & Scope of Various New FSc Programs in Pakistan & Abroad

Career Counseling About The Scope of Different New F.Sc Programs in Pakistan
Traditionally just 2 F.Sc programs were offered at college level in Pakistan i.e F.Sc Pre Medical and F.Sc Pre Engineering. DAE is also considered equivalent to FSc program. Then ICS program was introduced for those students who want to make their career in IT sector. Now revolutionary new F.Sc programs have also been launched. Here is the list of different new FSc programs available in Pakistan.

FSc Medical Technology Group
FSc Medical Technology is a combination of all allied health sciences subjects.

Career & Scope

Career & Scope of Various New FSc Programs in Pakistan & Abroad

FSc (OTT) Operation Theater Technology
Its is also known as FSc Surgical. This program will enable you to get job in all those public and private hospitals which have operation theater facility. BS OTT is the best recommended further study option for these students.

FSc in X-Ray Technology/Radiology
Do you know that now color x-rays machine has also been invented. Taking x-rays and handling Doppler x-rays machine is a sensitive task. This program will enable you to perform all these things.

FSc (AT) Anesthesia Technology
There is great demand of anesthesia technicians in all the hospitals. Its too a job oriented program. BS AT is recommended further study degree for you.

FSc (MIT) Medical Imaging Technology
This program will make you expert of handling CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound and nuclear medicine imaging machines. After 2nd year you may get admission in BS MIT.

FSc (DT) Dental Technology/Dental Hygiene
Every dentist need the help of dental technologists. You will be able to prepare dental equipment.

FSc (OPT) Opthalmic Technology or Vision Science
There are very limited experts of artificial eye and vision experts in Pakistan. Its a highly demanded field.

FSc (PHY) Physiotherapy Technology
Have you not seen Pehlwans almost on each and every road of Pakistan who are quacks and pose to be expert physiotherapists. There is still a great scope of this program.

FSc (MLT) Medical Lab Technology
Medical lab is the most booming business in Pakistan. All these labs need medical lab technicians. Later on BS MLT will help you for excelling from others.

FSc Homeopathic Sciences
First two years of DHMS are equivalent to F.Sc Homeopathic Science and last two years of DHMS are equivalent to BSc Homeopathic Science degree. You will just have to clear the compulsory subjects of F.Sc and BSc for this purpose. After DHMS you may get admission in 3 year condensed BHMS program, which is equivalent ot MBBS, BDS and MSc.

All these programs are skill oriented which enable the student to find job immediately after clearing their final exam. They may also get admission in BSc or BS programs of their related medical technology. It is expected that soon these new FSc programs will take the space of 1 and 2 years diplomas of allied health sciences. Both private and public institutes are now offering these FSc programs like like CMLT NIH Islamabad, PIHS Islamabad and Almadina College of Medical Technologies Peshawar. Only matric with science students can get admission in these F.Sc courses who have got at least 45% marks in SSC. Upper age limit is 23 years. Result awaiting students are also given admission on provisional basis.