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Scope of Wood Working Course in Pakistan, How to Become Wood Technician? Tips, Fee, Career

How to Become a Woodworking Technologist in Pakistan? Career Counseling Guide, Topics, Institutions, Eligibility Requirements, Benefits, Stipend, Job & Business Options
Hello future woodworking technicians! Whether you are just beginning to explore the field of wood working or already have experience in this specific field, you may be wondering what the career scope of a wood technician course is in Pakistan and abroad. In this blog post we will outline the career scope of wood working course in Pakistan. We are also going to discuss jobs available for woodworking technicians, the salaries & benefits associated with the profession & the output of the wood technologists and many more related topics. So lets start reading the one more career counseling related post of



There is something special about the smell of wood. The way it looks the way it feels & the way it changes its shape in hand of carpenters. It is quite hard to describe but most people recognize it. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to use wood for many purposes. Wood is a natural material. It has been used to build household furniture & other objects for centuries. Woodworking is the artistic process of turning wood into useful and decorative items. Woodworkers use a variety of tools to cut, sand & shape wood like CNC, NC and other high tech machines . They also use woodworking machines to create joints and other features.


Difference Between Wood Technologist & Wood Technician


Introduction to Wood Technology

Wood is a natural material that has been used by human beings for centuries. It is strong, durable & easy to work with, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Wood technology is the study of how to use wood to create products that are both functional & aesthetically pleasing for humans. It encompasses everything from furniture designing to architecture & engineering. With a better understanding of wood technology, we can create products that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable & eco-friendly in nature. Wood technologists have more knowledge than wood technicians. recommends you to become a wood technologist for better future prospects.



Who are Wood Technicians?

Wood technicians work in many different settings, including lumber mills, furniture factories, and woodworking shops. They may also work in research laboratories or for companies that manufacture wood products. Wood technicians use their knowledge of wood to help solve problems related to the production of wood products. They also develop new methods and technologies for manufacturing wood products.




As a woodworking technologist you will be responsible for the design manufacture and installation of wood products. You will use a variety of tools and machines to create high-quality wood products to customer specifications. In addition to using wood you will also be responsible for handling other materials such as metal plastic and even glass.


Scope of Wood Working Course in Pakistan, How to Become Wood Technician? Tips, Fee, Career

Scope of Wood Working Course in Pakistan, How to Become Wood Technician? Tips, Fee, Career


Most woodworkers start their careers as a carpenter or joiner. They may also start with a cabinet maker or furniture maker. With experience they may move into other areas of woodworking such as mill work, furniture designing or boat building.



Eligibility Criteria, Institutions, Stipend & Duration of Wood Working Courses in Pakistan

Wood working course in Pakistan is offered by various institutes which are affiliated with technical boards of their respective provinces. These vocational training colleges are locted in Rawalpindi, Loralai, Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Pishin, Lalian, Khuzdar, Khushab, Jampur, Karachi, Fort Abbas, Haripur, Dera Islmail Khan, Chitral, Bahawal Nagar, Yake Ghund, Timergara, Quetta, Peshawar and Abbottabad.



These college offers free wood working course with monthly stipend. For becoming a wood work technician you may get admission in 6 months certificate or one year diploma while for becoming a woodwork technologist you will have to get admission in 2 years wood working course. This 2 years diploma has more scope and benefits than other woodworking course. Govt Woodworking Service Centre Rawalpindi is offering two years course for becoming woodworking technologists. Eligibility requirement is just matriculation. Lower age limit for admission in woodworking course is 15 years and higher age limit is 30 years.



Topics Covered in Wood Work Course

Woodworking is an ancient form of art & craft that has been around for centuries. It is a process of shaping and fashioning wood into useful & beautiful objects. Woodworking can be done by hand or by using machines. The wood working course will train students in the use of both hand and machine tools. Students will also learn how to select the right type of wood for their project, how to prepare the wood & how to finish it. The course will also cover safety procedures and shop etiquette.



Guide About Woodworking Course

Wood working course will make you a skilled person and you will be able to get jobs in furniture factories and you may also launch your own business of wooden furniture.Some wood technician also provide the service of furniture repairing. They develop custom designs as per the requirements of their clients. If you are a creative minded person then this field of woodworking technology is for you. You will be able to get online orders from social media and personal brand website.



Some woodworkers choose to specialize in a specific area of ​​woodworking. Others may become generalists and work in all areas of the industry.



Job Types & Specialization Areas

Depending on your skills & experience wood technicians or technologists can do a variety of jobs. Some of the most popular jobs include:



Cabinet Maker: As a cabinet maker you will be responsible for the design and manufacture of cabinets for kitchens and offices. You will use a variety of tools and machines to create high-quality cabinets that meet customer specifications.



Furniture Maker: As a furniture maker you will be responsible for the design and manufacture of furniture of all kinds. You will use a variety of latest machinery and even software for designing and furniture making.



Woodworker: As a woodworker you will be responsible for the manufacture of wood products for various purposes. This field has also good scope and benefits.



Furniture Designer: As furniture designer you will be responsible to design more creative and beautiful designs of furniture. Now a days such designing is done on computer with the help of different software.



In addition to the jobs above there are many other jobs available as a wood technician depending on your skills & experience. Your salary after wood working course and benefits vary by job but wood technicians can generally expect competitive salary in Pakistan and Arab countries. The output of a wood technologists also varies by job, but most wood technicians can expect to produce a high-quality product that meets the client’s specifications.




Woodworking is an ancient trade that has great scope in Pakistan due to increasing demand of wooden products and furniture. This is a skilled trade that requires knowledge of wood and woodworking machinery. Woodworkers usually learn their trade through apprenticeships or on-the-job training. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post by on scope of wood working course in Pakistan. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Our team will try my best to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading the article and have a great day!