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Self Help – How To Be Confident? Top Ten Tips

How To Build Confidence? Top Ten Self Help Tips
Lack of confidence is a major cause of failure in any field of life. If you want to become a successful person then try to improve tour confidence level. In this article we shall discuss some super tips about how to be confident?
1-Improve Your Knowledge
First of all try to improve your knowledge. You should improve your knowledge about your field. Also try to improve your general knowledge. Revisit your habits. Book reading and rosing informative sites should be your hobby. Only just good knowledge can make you distinguished.

2-Read Self Help Articles
Read maximum self help articles and autobiographies of successful people. Also visit our self help category daily. Read holy Quran daily for guidance about what God wants from you. Holy Quran is the best self help book in the world. Its my challenge to all psychologists of the world.

3-IQ & EQ Level
Try to improve your IQ and EQ level. Recent research has proved that EQ level is more important than IQ level.

4-Always Remain in Winning State of Mind
You must always remain in winning state of mind. Change your mind set. Never accept defeat. You have been created just for success. Bill Gates or Warren Buffet are not super humans. You must believe from the core of your heart that you are the best. Remember that positive thinking has great power.

Self Help

Self Help – How To Be Confident? Top Ten Tips

5-How To Avoid Fear of Facing The Public
There are many Homoepathic and Bach flower remedies for improving confidence. Send us your symptoms our team of doctors will subscribe you medicine.

6-Recognize Your Self Worth
This is the most important point. Majority of us think that other people are superior to us due to their extra abilities. Its a wrong perception. Almighty Allah has given us a super computer i.e our brain. We all can do anything. There is just need of recognizing our self worth. All human beings are equal and have some unique talent. Try to discover that hidden talent. No one is inferior to any body. So please never underestimate yourself and come out of inferiority complex as if you lack any thing then still you have an unique ability. You may also remove your deficiencies with practice and faith on God’s gifted abilities.

7-Self Suggestions
Psychologists have proved that we can hypnotise our self by auto suggestions and visualization. So daily give self suggestion to your sub conscious mind that you are a confident person. Also visualize your self as a great speaker.

As all of you now that practice makes a man perfect. So do demo exercises of interview and speeches before mirror and your friends. Try to make a video of your demo practice and then watch these video to find your flaws.

9-Increase Your Out Put
If you want to remove you any deficiency then try to increase your out put. Here by out put i mean the things or services which you voluntarily give to other people. This is the one solutions to your all problems in life.

10-Get Help From Almighty Allah
Prayer, belief in the blessings of Almighty Allah and his gifted powers and your out put make you a an ideal person in the eyes of your Lord. So try to please him so that he bless you with the powers you really need.

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