Self Help – How To Satisfy Your Soul?

Self Help Tips For Unsatisfied Souls
Self help is my favorite subject and i try to guide the visitors of my site in this regard. This article is another adition in our self help articles. Every one want to satisfy his/her soul or inner self but majority of us do not know how to do this. We need to increase our out put for satisfying our inner self. Every one in the world only works for his self. You must also work for a noble cause in life. When we do any thing for others it not only increases our spiritual energy but also gives us inner satisfaction. There must be some difference between us and animals as they only live for their selves. Humans are the best creature of Almighty Allah and they have been created for a special purpose. Almighty Allah wants to test us. This life is not eternal and same is the case with the joys of it. Those who devote their life for others remain successful both in this life and hereafter. Worldly necessities are need of us but living just for them should not be our ultimate goal in life.

Self Help - How To Satisfy Your Soul?

Self Help – How To Satisfy Your Soul?

Almighty Allah wants to see us different from materialistic people and animals as both have the same nature. If you will read the book s of my favorite author Haroon Yahya of turkey, you will come to now that matter does not exist at all. This world is not a reality rather its just a illusion. Then what is the reality? Why we have been created and what is our destination?, these are the questions, on which we should ponder. In fact life is trial for us, some one is keeping an close eye on our activities and he is our Lord. Those who give more to the universe than what they take from it always remain happy. So dear brothers and sisters do not indulge in this life as its just a illusion and live for others and for a noble cause. There are different circles in our life. Our first duty is to serve our family then our relatives then neighbors, then country and in the last the whole world.

Self Help Theory

Bill Gates has donated more than 90% of his wealth because he had got the reality of happiness and satisfying the soul. You may get every thing in life by increasing the out put ratio of your life. Here i shall try to make you understand the out put and in put theory. All of us have been given some thing extra in life and we can get anything in life by sharing it with others. Life which you leads for others is the real life and ultimate source of joy in life. So try to analyse that what you have extra in your life and share it with others. Some times we do not have some thing materialistic extra in life in this case we can provide our services to others. Our attitude with others should also be exemplary. Control your reactions on the actions of others. Never react on odd actions of others immediately. Good attitude with other and your good deed will increase your spiritual powers too. Try to understand the message of Holy Quran by reading its translation too. Visit us daily for reading unique articles on self help.


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