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Self Help – Recognize Your Self Worth

Self Help Article – Recognize & Admit Your Self Worth –¬†90% Humans Are Patient of Inferiority Complex¬†
Being a physician self help is m y favorite subject. In study we try to guide our readers about different self help techniques. Today we shall discuss the importance of recognizing the self worth. Have you ever thought that why only 10 percent population of our world is successful in their life. The reason is that 90% human beings are patient of inferiority complex. They do not recognize their self worth & hidden potential. The most important of factor of our failure in life is that we underestimate our abilities. Every human being has great potential to progress but we have taken the our failure as our destiny. Failures are the part of game of life. Every human being is the son of centuries. He has ability to exceed in any field if he recognizes his self worth. You people are lions disguises as lambs. Millionaires are not super human beings, they have just recognized their self worth.

Self Help

Self Help – Recognize Your Self Worth

I admit that some of us may have some serious problem e.g any physical disability, obesity, thinness. stammering etc but now you have 2 options i.e sublimation or conversion. Conversion means to taking your deficiency negatively, losing heart or choosing negative path in your life while sublimation means that taking your deficiency as a challenge. Accepting the challenge of life and fighting against the adverse circumstances with confidence on your abilities in other fields. Remember that your brain is the best super computer and you are also a superman.

No human being is inferior to other. We have given talents of different forms in different fields. You just need to discover and polish your hidden talent. Inferiority complex is the most fatal disease of the world, which has affected the whole human race badly. Here i will like to share my own research about inferiority complex that superiority complex is also a adverse form of of inferiority complex. There is hell of difference in superiority complex and confidence or self esteem. Almighty Allah is not unjust towards his any creature. He has gifted us with different kinds of unique talents.

Its the rule of nature that if you have any deficiency in life then you will be given some other extraordinary talent. Napoleon was a dwarf but he took it as a challenge and became the best warrior of the world. There are lot of such examples. So try to discover your hidden talent and never think that you are unfit for any work, or you can not become a rich person or government officers. First try to discover your hidden talent and work hard in that field, you will certainly become a successful man. Otherwise if you have entered in any profession then try to take interest in it. Your interest and concentration can make you successful in any field and you can not concentrate in field where you do not have interest. So love your work and think about positive aspects of it.

If you think that you can earn just 50000 rupees per month then it will become your shell in life and it will be very hard for you cross this limit. So break all the shells about your self. Always consider and believe that you can do any thing in the world and you can earn unlimited amount of money. Your subconscious mind takes instructions from your thinking and will power. It will receive signals that you can earn maximum 50000 rupees per month then it will not strive to find ways for earning more money. It will also become the victim of inferiority complex. So never think that you are inferior in any sense or you have limited capability or talent. Always try to remain in winning state of mind. If you believe that you can win then nobody can defeat you.
With the help of visualization and auto suggestion techniques you can train your subconscious mind to recognize your self worth. We have explained these techniques in our different self help articles. Visit our self help category daily for reading latest research articles on self help and Psychology. Wish you best of luck.