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Self Help Tips For Happy Life – Challenge For All Psychologists

How to get happiness in life? Some Great Tips About Self Help
If you want to know that hot to get happiness in life then remember that just wealth is not enough for a happy life. We need many other things to be happy like health, family, knowledge and most important inner satisfaction. An ideal person should have a multidimensional personality. He must has all the necessary things in life. Almighty Allah is just with all of us. No one is his favorite. If we take our life as a cup of 100 ml. Then remember that cups of all human beings have 100 ml material. No body can get 101 ml or 99 ml. Compositions of our cups differs from each other.

For example some one may have 40 ml wealth, 20 ml family, 10 ml education, 10 ml beauty, 10 ml health and 10 ml IQ. Now this person has excessive wealth if he want to get anything in life he will have to spend his wealth on others. Some people have more knowledge, they will have to help others with their knowledge for removing their any deficiency. One should have every thing in a balance quantity to live happily and to become a multi dimensional person. A person with a single big deficiency in life can not claim that he is leading a happy life.

Of Course a rich person who don’t have kid may adopt test tube method for getting a child but in this case he will lost some other important thing because our cups can not carry material over 100ml. So the simple solution is to give voluntarily out put. Here by out put i mean that what we can do for other with our excessive resources. If we will not give out voluntarily then on every big gain in our life we will have to lost some thing very important. Rich people are not living a happy life. Some of them are sick, some do not have kids and some have guilty mind. We must analyze that what we have excessive in life, as by distributing it among needy people, we can get every thing in life.

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Self Help Tips For Happy Life – Challenge For All Psychologists


I have explained many times that voluntary charity/out put which is known as Sadaqah in Islam is the solution of almost all our problems. By voluntary charity we create a space in our cup for any other most needed thing our life. Voluntary charity is not restricted to money only if you are intelligent you may give good advice to others, if you are educated you may educate poor kids, if you have good health, you may help people physically. Its a time tested techniques of Muslims but alas only few Muslim understand the importance of Sadaqah/voluntary charity/out put. Giving voluntary charity should be our regular habit, if we really want to live a happy life. In fact, it is the only short cut and sure shot method of success in every field of life.

You may get success in any field with hard work or best professional practices but if you want to lead a balanced life then try to understand the philosophy of voluntary charity/out put. All other self help techniques are neither perfect nor have 100% results. By helping others in fact you help your self. So make a positive goal in your life and never accumulate any kind of resources. If you can not judge that which thing you have spare in life then just make firm determination or intention to help others, Almighty Allah will surely show you the right path.

Start with helping others with your services. Help every one who seeks help from you in any shape. Take helping others as your sacred duty. Here i want to clear it to all of you that majority of self help writers are taking the help of Holy Quran for giving their new theories. They just change the terminology and make the terms secular. They present their theories to world with great confidence as they know that divine guidance can never be wrong.

Which is The Best Self Help Book in The World?  

I am here admitting that basics of out put theory has been taken for Holy Quran by my late teacher(May his soul rest in peace). I am just presenting it in English to the world. You can also get lot of tips from Holy Quran for happy life. Just read it without having any prejudice against Islam. Holy Quran is the best self help book in the world. Its my challenge to all psychologists. You can get tips about solutions of your all problem from this greatest divine book of the world. But kindly think that why it is an unchallengeable book and who is its writer and what he wants from us. I am always here to reply your queries as it will be my out put. Stay contacted with us for reading self help articles and super tips about solutions of your all problems.