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Sociology Definition, Career, Scope, Jobs, Topics & Benefits

BS, MS, MPhil, PhD, MSc Sociology Career, Scope, Jobs, Subjects & Salary
Sociology is a social science in which we study social behaviour, including its origins, development, change, organization, group and institutions. It y is the best discipline of humanities. Its a much wider subject than Economics, Political Science, Civics, Education, Ethics, Social Work, Statistics, Philosophy, Geography and languages. We read about all the aspects of the society collectively in this subject. Majority of people are still not aware of the importance of Sociology. This subject will make you a all rounder and you will be able to find a job in many fields.

Career & Scope 
Social Scientist
Counseling of all kinds
Field Worker
Civil Servant
Community Mobilizer
Data Collector
Social Work
Public Relation Officer
NGO Worker
Manager in any field
Human Rights Activist

Sociology Definition, Career, Scope, Jobs, Topics & Benefits

Sociology Definition, Career, Scope, Jobs, Topics & Benefits


A Master degree holders in Sociology can perform better in business too due his wider vision and in depth knowledge about society. He knows the psychology of his society and basic principles of economics. Non government organizations also love to hire the MSc Sociology and MSc Social Work degree holders. Degree in Sociology has also great demand in foreign countries as its the most important subject in Western Countries.

Social workers having degree in their field or Sociology can also get foreign immigration very easily. When i was selected as gazetted government officer, i was surprised to see that majority of may batch-mates were Master degree holders in Sociology and social work. Now a days even it has been mentioned very categorically in newspaper ads of Public Service Commissions that candidates who have studied Sociology will be preferred. It seems that now authorities of our countries have also recognized/admitted the importance of this subject.

We human beings are social animals and we can not even think to live alone. Sociology guide us how to interact with our fellow citizens. It polishes our social, civic, political and even economic sense.

Major Subjects/Topics  
Sociology covers following areas.
Introduction to Sociology
Classical Sociological Theories
Social Statistics
Social Psychology
Political Sociology
Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of Culture
Sociology of Religion
Research Methods
NGO Management
Introduction to Demography
Contemporary Sociological Theory
Field Work
Sociology of Development
Social Problems of Pakistan
Gender Studies
Sociology of Social Work
Urban Sociology
Population Aging and Society
Sociology of Globalization
Social Movements
Social Stratification and Class
Peace & Conflict Studies
General Sociology
Sociology of Health and Medicine
Economic Sociology
Organizations, Stratification, Race
Personality and Social Systems
English Communication Skills
Introduction to Computer Applications

Who Should Study Sociology?
This major is of interest to the individual who want to bring positive changes in his society.
Who have an urge to lead the society as a social mobilizer.
Who want to become a multidimensional person.
Who have interest in social sciences and want to become social scientist.
Who want to become agent of change in the society.
Who is curious about getting knowledge about society.

We highly recommend you to opt this subject in Intermediate and Bachelor level. Master degree will be more beneficial for you in the search of job. If you feel that you have read an unique article on career counseling then visit us daily. Our facebook page will also definitely impress you, so like it too.