Some Astonishing Facts About History of Pakistan

 Some Interesting Facts About History of Pakistan 

Here are some important points about History of Pakistan.
1-Pakistan is the first ever ideological state of the world. Even know there are only two ideological countries i.e Pakistan and Israel.

2-Pakistan is the one and only Muslim atomic power of the world.

3-First general elections in Pakistan were held in 1971.

4-Our first constitution was passed in 1956.

5-Pakistan became the cricket world champion in 1992.

6-We won the first hockey world cup in 1971.

7- Nehru report was presented on 19th May, 1928.

8-Molvi Fazal Ul Haq presented the Pakistan resolution.

9-First martial law was imposed in Pakistan in 1958 by General Muhammad Ayub Khan.

10-Pakistan fought first war against India in 1948 .

11. Pakistan is the only country of the world who has defeated a super power.

12-Ch Rehmat Ali proposed the name of separate Muslim country for Muslims of Sub continent in 1933.

13-We have number one Muslim military force in the world.

14- We helped the Arab countries in the 1967 and 1973 wars against Israel.

15-Quaid-e-Azam presented his 14 points in 1929.

16-Allama Muhammad Iqbal proposed a separate country for Muslims of Sub Continent in 1930.

17-Sikandar Mirza was the last Governor General and first President of Pakistan.

18-Objective resolution was passed on 12th March, 1949.

19-One and only Chief Executive of Pakistan was General Pervez Musharraf.

20- Benazir Bhutto was the first female Prime Minster of Pakistan.

21-First ever elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged on 4th April, 1979.

22-Fehmida Mirza was the first ever female Speaker of National Assembly.

23-First Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated in Rawalpindi on 16th October, 1951.

24-Hafeez Jalandhri wrote the national anthem of our country.

25-Liaquat Ali Khan was the first Prime Minister and Quaid e Azam was the first Governor General of Pakistan.


Some Astonishing Facts About History of Pakistan

26-Remember my prediction that Pakistan is going to become Asian tiger and super power very soon.

27-We demanded the neutral empires in the cricket first time in history.

28- We are the only Muslin country, which is manufacturing tanks, fighter planes, submarines, drones and missiles.

29-Pakistan is the only country of the world who has defeated India twice in 1948 and 1965.

30- Fall of Decca occurred on 16th December, 19971.

31- Second Islamic Summit conference was held in Lahore in 1974.

32-Pakistan was the first country of the world which declared the Qadianis as non Muslims.

33-Pakistan is the front line state in the war against terror.

34-We have the best intelligence agency of the world i.e ISI.

35.We are the only country of the world who has defeated the Taliban.

36- In fact Pakistan came in to being when the first Hindu accepted Islam.

37-Sindh is considered the door way of Islam in Indian Subcontinent.

38-We have won the all major squash titles of the world.

39-Our country has unlimited resources of mineral.

40-Pakistan has snatched the identity of India as name of India was derived from Indus river which is now the part of Pakistan.

41-History of Pakistan is more than 10000 years old.

42-All four seasons are found in Pakistan.

43-Pakistan is located in very important geo strategic area.

44-In future Pakistan will Inshaa Allah become the permanent member of UNSC.

45-Senate was formed in 1973 constitution.

47-We have given maximum representation to women in all our assemblies i.e 17%.

48-Lawyer movement succeeded in reinstating Justice Iftikhar Ch as Chief Justice of Supreme Court in 2012.

49-We have been the world champion of Cricket, squash, hockey and snooker.

50-Pakistan is the only country of the world which was formed in the name of Islam. It is also the first ideological state of the world. Second ideological state is Israel.

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