South Korea Vs North Korea – How Unification is Possible?

Current Affairs – South Korea Vs North Korea- Best Solution For Unification
Today we shall discuss current affairs issue about North East Asian Peninsula i.e Korea. From the Korean war of 1950 Korean peninsula has become the battle field of the world powers. Just like East and West Germany both people of the South Korea and North Korea are one nation. They have same language, religion, culture, traditions and even race. Why both these countries can not follow the example of unification of East and West Germany? Ok i give the answer, just because of power game of super powers.

Visionary leadership is required for the unification of South Korea and North Korea. These two countries are in the state of cold war for last 65 years. If Hong Kong can become the part of China due to one country two system policy of China then why my Korean brothers can not think some out of the box solution. Strong and sincere political will can change the whole scenario but people of both these countries should launch a campaign for unification of South Korea and North Korea. This campaign can be started from social media. It will spread awareness among the masses and clear the field for mass political campaign. Arab Spring was also a result of social media campaign. History can be revised in this part of Asia too.

Current Affairs - South Korea Vs North Korea- How Unification is Possible?


South Korea Vs North Korea- How Unification is Possible?

Poetical leaders understand the language of pressure only. And once the people of both these countries will decide to make a united Korea then i assure you that no one can stop you in getting your goal. Korean nation can become super power of Asia as North Korea has become a missile and atomic power while North Korea is an Asian tiger. Even Japan will not be able to compete united Korea in any field. Unification will be a win win situation for both these countries.

No country in the world is in favor of unification of Korean nation, Korean people themselves will have to take initiative in this direction. Super powers should also allow the people of the region to decide about their future a referendum should be held under the supervision of United Nations Organization for deciding about the will of people about the future of both these countries. Troops of foreign countries should leave the region but all this will happen if a organized campaign will be launched by the people of both countries. Germany, Yemen, European countries have resolve their issues and now its the turn of Korea. I am sure that Korean nation has potential to shine after unification.

Hopefully Opinion makers will try to make public opinion in favor of unification. Fortunately now ordinary man can also make public opinion through social media. The fate of this peninsula is in the hands of its own people. European countries had more difference than these two brothers they have amicably resolved their differences with dialogue which is the best way to proceed forward. Now after Kashmir issue Korean issue has become the second atomic flash point in the world. Atomic war in this region may become the cause of third world war that’s why it right time for the world to think about resolving the petty disputed between these two neighborly countries which are basically two countries but one nation. Pakistan has good relations with both South Korea and North Korea that’s why we have sincere emotions for both these countries. If you want to read the articles on current affairs, international relations, international politics and foreign affairs then visit the best current affairs website daily.






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