Current Affairs-325000 people filled a petition against Church’s possession of Masjid Qurtaba(Cordoba)

Spanish government is going to handed over the historic Masjid  Qurtaba which is now called the  Mezquitta Cathedral to Catholic Church. 325000 people have filled an online petition against Church’s possession of Masjid Qurtaba. According to media reports Historic Masjid Qurtaba will become the property of Catholic Church after two years and a massive campaign has been launched to change this decision of Spanish government. Masjid e Qurtaba is a master piece of Islamic architecture in Spain. It is one of the oldest mosques in the world and the sign of 800 years of Muslim rule over Spain and Europe. It was built by Omayyad rulers. After the fall of Granada a church was built within the territory of Masjid Qurtaba in 16th century AD.

At present the mosque is open for both Muslims and Christians and Catholic Church is responsible to look after this historic building but by Spanish law after two years the Qurtaba Mosque will legally become the property of Catholic Church. 325000 Spanish citizens have filled a petition for revision of this unjust law. According to Spanish citizens “its unfair to change the status of this historical mosque”. Qurtaba mosque is symbol of rich Spanish history and culture.

More than 1.4 million tourists come from the whole world to visit this historic mosque and according to BBC correspondent Tom Bridge “So much tourists take interest and visit this historic place every year due to the fact that, this is a church as well as mosque at a same time”. A Spanish priest said “it is impossible to change the Islamic history of this mosque”. Catholic church also admits that it was a mosque but it was converted into a church about 600 years ago but still church insists that the criticism on changing the status of Qurtaba mosque is unfair.

Status-quo is the best possible solution for this problem at this time or UNO should interfere in this issue and should declare the Qurtaba mosque as an international heritage and an open place both for Muslims and Christians and followers of both religions should be allowed to offer their prayers in this historic and sacred building. This action is also harmful for inter religious harmony in Spain and whole world.

If Spanish government will hand over this mosque to catholic church this will prove that the theory of clash of civilizations was right and this action will boost the extremism in the whole world as no Muslim in the world can tolerate the any action against their sacred places. This decision is also harmful for world peace and it will create more distances between Muslims and the Christians of the world. So Spanish government should review this unjust decision to promote inter religious harmony and peace in the world.   You can read the the details about this current affairs news in the Urdu below this page. Visit our website and its face book page for latest alerts about current affairs.

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