Special Education Jobs, Subjects, Courses, Career, Scope, Definition & Required Skills

Special Education in Pakistan & Abroad, Jobs, Introduction, Curriculum, Required Abilities, Definition, Syllabus,  Subjects, Degrees, Core Topics, Courses, Career & Scope  

Special Education Definition
Special Education is branch of education which equips a teacher with all required skills for teaching the disable students. A SE teacher transfer all kinds of information and skills to his/her special students using the specially developed techniques for students with disabilities.

Special Education in Pakistan & Abroad, Jobs, Introduction, Curriculum, Required Abilities, Definition, Syllabus, Subjects, Degrees, Core Topics, Courses, Career & Scope

Special Education Jobs, Subjects, Courses, Career, Scope, Definition & Required Skills

There are only few fields where you get the reward of your virtues in this world. One of them is the field of Special Education. First of all i would like to salute all of you who have taken interest in this noble field. This field will give you not only the inner satisfaction but also handsome salary. I would like to suggest you that your ultimate aim should be to serve the humanity as in this field you will definitely be rewarded. Its not a easy profession as compare to regular education field. Here you will have to work hard to get positive results. You will have to understand the psychology of slow learners and make your strategy accordingly.

Special Education in Pakistan 
Pakistan is lacking highly skilled human resource in the field of SE. You guys can play a great role in this regard. Just dial a fake call in any SE institute and ask about the salary of SE teacher. Reply from the other end will surely satisfy your self about your future career scope. After graduating you will receive offers from abroad too but kindly ignore them as a bright future is waiting for you in Pakistan too.

Short Courses Diplomas and Degrees
Here is the list of most popular short courses, degrees and diplomas in the field of SE.
B.A. Hearing Impairment
B.Ed. Special Needs
M.Ed. Visual Impairment
MA Special Education
BA (Hons)
BS in Special Education
MS/MPhil in Special Education
Short Course in Sign Language
Short Course in Speech Therapy
Master in Speech Sciences
Master in Hearing Sciences (Audiology)

Core Topics, Subjects, Curriculum and Syllabus
Here we have given a list of most important core topics of SE.
1-Introduction, Basic Concepts & History of SE
2-Visual Impairment
3-Hearing Impairment
4-Physical Disabilities
5-Learning Disabilities and Their Types
6-All Types of Emotional and Behavioral Disorder
7-All Kinds of Communication Disorders
9-Specific Disability Practicals
10-Mental retardation
11- Special Educational Psychology
12-Child Development & Growth
13-Teaching strategies for Handicapped Students
14-Curriculum Development for disable Kids
15-Assessing Students with Special Needs
16-Foundations of Counselling and Therapies
17-Teacher Development & School Improvement
18-Psycho-Social Aspects of Exceptionality
19-Education Program for disable Children
20-Latest Research and Techniques in Special Education

Career & Scope
Due to shortage of qualified professionals of SE in the field you will not find any difficulty at all in searching a job of your choice..Here is the list of employment areas for you.
1-Occupational Therapy Centers
2-Speech and Language Therapy Clinics
3-Pediatric Units at Children Hospitals
4-Psychological Clinics
5-Private Special Education Centers
6-Day Care Centers
8-Physio Therapy centers
9-SE Training Institutes
10-Government Special Education Centers
11-Publishing Houses
12-Research Organizations
14-Social Welfare Department
15-Ministry of Education & SE
16-Career Counseling Firms

Special Education Needs or Who Should Study SE?
1-A person with kind heart..
2-A person who is more interested in life hereafter.
3-A person who prefer job satisfaction on all other things.
4-Those who want to get job in international NGOs or interested in foreign immigration.
5-Born teacher
6-A person with strong communication skills
7-Those who are interested in Psychology
8-God fearing persons
9-Career conscious persons
10-Creative minded individuals

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