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Spiritual Treatment of Depression & Psychological Problems in English & Urdu

Top Ten Spiritual Treatment of Depression and Other Psychological Problems
Spiritualism is a reality which can bring very positive changes in our life. There are some easy solutions for depression and other psychological problems in Islamic spiritualism. Here are some super tips about spiritual treatment of depression and common psychological problems.

Top 10 Tips For Spiritual Treatment of Depression & Psychological Problems

1-You must have faith in spiritualism for treatment of psychological problems.

2-You may also contact first ever Islamic reiki healer in the world professor Fazal Karim for 100% free treatment of all physical and psychological problems.

3-Recite the Holy Quran daily as much as you can. Try to understand the meaning of its verses and follow the divine orders for human beings.

4-Recite all 99 names of Almighty Allah daily after each prayer at least for once. You may also recite one name of Almighty Allah daily for maximum times.

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6-Try to help others as per your maximum capacity, as reaction of your such actions will affect your health too.

7-Offer your prayers regularly. It will increase enforce your immunity power against all kinds of diseases. Fasting is also very helpful for psychological problems. Increase the ratio of Quranic food items in your diet like honey, olive oil, dates, pomegranate, fig etc.Reads books on Tib e Nabvi and follow the directions given in sayings of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

8-Try to understand the reality that we are living in a world of trial, where we will have to face the lot of problems, so try to face the problems with courage. Remember that we can learn a lot from every crisis and defeat. Try to turn your defeat into success.

9-Some people believe that Homeopathic treatment is also a spiritual treatment as it deals with the vital force of our body so rely on this method of treatment more than any other way of treatment.

10-Never lose hope or trust in Almighty Allah. Pray before him for the solution of your all psychological problems. Darood sharif is also very helpful for spiritual treatment of all diseases, so recite it too for maximum times daily.

Read the Urdu articles given below but remember that it is not necessary for us to agree with the writers of guest posts and posts taken from third party. Allama Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri has written this Urdu article. Visit and its social pages specially FB page for further guidance about the treatment of depression and psychological problems.You may contact our team of psychologists for individual advice about medical and psychological treatment.

Spiritual Treatment of Depression & Psychological Problems in English & Urdu

Spiritual Treatment of Depression & Psychological Problems in Urdu & English