Spiritualism, Science & Islam

Food For Thought – What is the Relation Between Spiritualism, Science & Islam
Many people think that spiritualism and science are two opposite fields. In fact its a misconception. This world is controlled by some rules and laws. Only  few rules have been discovered. When we see a incident which does not match with our known science rules, we take it as a supernatural thing/incident. Role of Almighty Allah(God) is very important in all the happenings on our world.

Some people think that Almighty Allah can not do any thing  whereas other believe that he never go against its laws. In fact both of them are not 100 % right. Almighty Allah can do every thing but he will do every thing as per his own made laws . Yes, its a very delicate point, try to understand it. For example Almighty Allah can produce a child from wall but he will do it as per his own created laws. It is possible that we may have not discovered those divine laws. So every thing is possible in this world but it will happen as per the laws of nature. So remember that there is no supernatural thing in our world.


Spiritualism, Science & Islam

Every thing happens under some laws, there is just need of discovering such hidden laws. We think that science has discovered all important laws of nature but it is a totally wrong thinking. We have discovered only five percent of natural laws. Spiritualism and supernatural happening are also purely scientific and as per the laws of nature. If any one want to excel in spiritualism he should obey the orders of Almighty Allah, given in his last book Holy Quran.

Food For Thought – Where Science Islam and Spiritualism Meet?

A true Muslim is a spiritual man. He possess some extraordinary powers which an ordinary man even can never think to have. It is just because of obeying the orders of Almighty Allah from the core of heart. A true religious person have extraordinary strong sensory, imaginary and resistance powers. If you really want to discover the hidden laws of nature then study the Holy Quran in your mother tongue too. You may gain spiritual power just by obeying the orders of Almighty Allah. But when you will indulge in Holy Quran then you will realize that the sense of obeying our Lord is much bigger than any spiritual power.

People whose faith is not strong rely on spiritual powers of themselves or others while  a true Muslim always rely on Almighty Allah and never seek help from any human being. When Almighty Allah can do any thing for you then why we should go to someone else for the solution of our problems. Think about it. Every body can awake his hidden spiritual powers just by making his faith on Almighty Allah strong and by obeying his orders. Even when we obey his orders unintentionally our hidden powers appears.

Scientists have witnessed the power of faith but majority of them are non believers so they hide such information. If you still have any doubt about it read the books of Turkish Muslim scholar Haroon Yahya or contact us. We shall try our best to guide you that that nothing is by chance here. Every thing in the world is calculated and as per laws of science and nature but all these laws are created by Allah and many of his laws are still undiscovered. But Almighty Allah is the sole law maker in the world, he can do any thing but what ever he will do, become a law. If surprised then read the Holy Quran for further clarification. Visit us daily for reading articles on Islam, Spiritualism, Science and food for thought.



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