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Step by Step Procedure For Online HEC Degree Attestation (English & Urdu)

How to Attest Degree Online From Higher Education Commission Pakistan? HEC Attestation Procedure in Urdu & English Languages

This post has been written for those students who have no knowledge about online HEC degree attestation. Yes now you can easily go online for HEC degree attestation and verification.  We are going to share all the steps for HEC attestation process both in Urdu and English languages on this page. We hope that you will share the link of this useful post about HEC attestation on your social media account too as a public service. Now read the HEC degree verification procedure with all tiny details;



Once the individual get themselves involved in the career build-up and move into the job profession, they miss out to apply for their degree. But later on as they do apply for the international study and plan to work abroad, you will definitely need the degree documentation without which you would not be allowed to study further or apply for any new job.


In the current scenario, every single aspect is carried out through the online system such as applying for a new admission, submission of the fee, study online courses, and much more. Keeping this fact in mind, Higher Education Commission has also introduced the E-portal for the online verification of the degree documents. Right through this guide we will let you know the procedure of how you can attest your degree online from Higher Education Commission.


Overview Process for Online Degree Verification from HEC
H.E.C has definitely provided a feel of easiness and convenience for the students by introducing the system of E-portal online degree verification. But you should follow the guidelines carefully to get a successful attestation of your degree. You have to cross 10 levels which are discussed below:



HEC Degree Attestation Stages for Online Students


HEC Degree Attestation Stage No 1:
First of all you have logged in into the E-portal system which you can search through Google.


HEC Attestation Stage No 2:
Now you have to create your own account by mentioning the details of your CNIC, mobile phone and valid email address.


HEC Degree Verification Stage No 3:
Now click on the option of my applications/my tasks and fill the information required in the profile.


Stage # 4:
This is an important step in which you have to upload all your documents very carefully. You have to attach your CNIC (from both sides), passport size photograph, and all your educational certificates. Upload them all and click on “SAVE and CLOSE” option.


After uploading, you will view the option of accreditation and attestation and after clicking on it, you will move into the option of “HEC online degree attestation system”. After it you will be getting online portal form, in which you have to fill your information as it is required.


Stage Number 5:
After filling the form completely, you have to click on any of the below mentioned options:
Attest new degree
Duplicate attestation
Supplementary attestation
Update an attested degree


Step No 6:
In this step, you have to carefully select the senior person whom you can reach easily for the attestation. This person has to be from your district and city.


Stage No 7:
You have to make sure that you have all the original documents of your CNIC, passport and all your educational documents which you can upload later on. Now click on “SUBMIT” option.


HEC Degree Attestation Step No 8:
As you have uploaded all your documents, H.E.C officials will verify all your documents at that moment and if you are standing in accordance with the requirements of online attestation, they will send you back a link of acceptance.


Stage No 9:
If you have uploaded any of the document wrong, the system will identify it and you have to once again cover all the stages till 8 to end the process.



HEC Degree Verification Stage No 10:
After the successful uploading of the documentations, H.E.C officials will contact you through given email or phone number in which they will mention the date and time for visiting the H.E.C center office along with all your documents. Make sure you reach on time. Here below complete procedure about HEC degree attestation has been given in Urdu language too.


Step by Step Procedure For Online HEC Degree Attestation (English & Urdu)



Step by Step Procedure For Online HEC Degree Attestation (English & Urdu)