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Stress Is The Cause of 90% Diseases – 25 Stress Relief Tips

Learn Stress Management
Believe me or not that stress is the root cause of 90 percent chronic diseases. If you want to remain healthy then avoid stress and anxiety. Acute diseases are caused by our unhygienic habits but majority of chronic diseases are caused by stress. Try to learn stress management to avoid chronic diseases. In this  article we shall share 25 stress relief tips with your for effective stress management.

Stress Relief Tips
1-The biggest cause of stress is blockage of out put. I have explained it in my many self help articles that by out put i mean that we try to accumulate every thing for us. This disturbs our mind and soul a lot. So try to be more content and share with others what you have extra in life. If you are have useful knowledge never block it. If you have money more than your need then distribute it. If you can help others with your services do it. Its the only long term solution of avoiding stress. Yes, i know you have not heard about it before but try it and see the results.

2-Positive thinking is a great power and another best remedy for combating with anxiety and tension. Recognize your self worth and also see the positive side of the picture. There is no difficulty or problem in the world without solution. Those who seek, find. Negative thinking makes you the part of problem rather the part of solution. You mind is better than any super computer, if you believe on it.

3-Loser mentality always keeps you under stress. You must get rid of it by increasing the faith on your abilities.

4-Positive aim in life keeps you happy so set an ultimate humanity friendly goal in life for your self.

5-Socialization and sharing your problems with your love ones is also another effective solution.

6-Learn to forgive others and your self too as all of us are human beings and to err is human.

7-Adopt pragmatic approach in life as nothing is ideal here. Never run before perfectionism. An pragmatic person can handle any situation easily.

8-Get rid of your complexes as every one of us have some deficiencies. We have been given some extraordinary abilities too. Try to focus on them more.

9-Try to control you Blood Pressure by changing your lifestyle.

10-Manage the time by making an practicable timetable.

11-Write personal diary  daily as it is a best way of catharsis.

12-Avoid using sleeping pills rather take exercise and say your prayers regularly for avoiding sleeplessness.

13-Avoid using any type of drug or drinking as i admit that in their primary reaction they reduces your tension but their secondary reaction increases your stress more than before and you will have to increase your dose next time. Drugs, alcohol and tranquilizers also  make your resistance power, nervous system and vital force weak. If you are chronic patient of stress then even avoid smoking tea and coffee.

14-Go to bed early also get up early in the morning. After taking bath with fresh water go for a walk.

Stress Is The Cause of 90% Diseases - 25 Stress Relief Tips

Stress Is The Cause of 90% Diseases – 25 Stress Relief Tips

15-Change your breathing habit. Take full breath.

16-Become member of any social work organization and give some time to it.

17-Control your subconscious mind by giving it self suggestions. For example say it daily in fresh mood at least for 20 times with full confidence ” I can handle each situation and i am improving in all respects day by day by the grace of Almighty Allah”.

18-Drink juices and eat natural food more avoid junk food.

19-Always remember that all that happens in the world is always better for us. Almighty Allah is the only master mind and he is not against us. God is our only benefactor and he never leaves us alone in crisis period, if we are on right path.

20-Pray it daily ” Oh God show us the right path, The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray”.

21-Always remember that where there is a problem, there is a solution. You are the best creature of Almighty Allah and he has gifted you with all situation handling abilities and techniques. You faith in Almighty Allah and his gifted powers should be strong.  Miracles happens only for them who believe on them.

22-Avoid anger, greed, jealousy and all immoral practices .

23-Action and reaction is not a scientific principle only it also applies on our life. Your bad actions are the cause of your sufferings. So never do any thing wrong or immoral in life.

24-Homeopathic and Bach flower remedies are very effective for reducing stress. Consult our team for free advice.

25-Islamic prayer, recitation of Holy Quran and understanding its translation will also bring unprecedented change in your anxiety and tension.

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