Career & Scope Structural Engineering in Pakistan-Urdu & English Guide

Career Counseling About Scope Structural Engineering in Pakistan and Abroad-Guide in Urdu & English Languages
Structural engineering is one of the most important engineering field. It is a sub field of civil engineering but has it has its separate identity too. Eiffel tower Paris, Opera House Sydney, Burj Khalifa Dubai, Millennium dome London and Earthquake proof pyramids of Mexico are some important and famous models of structural engineering. Structural engineers keep the balance of building on rhythm.

Rhythm is the key requirement for skyscrapers, otherwise such building may not sustain for a long period of time. Its a fact that our whole universe is standing on rhythm. Its very hard to create rhythm in buildings and lot of wisdom and techniques are required for this purpose. Just on minor mistake can destroy the whole building structure. Structural engineer is in fact like a poet of geometry and mathematics. Structural engineering is the such part of civil engineering that creates such a design which may resist weight. In short it supports weight.

Its a fact that structural engineers mainly creates designs of buildings but they also creates other structures like machinery, medical equipment, missiles, airplanes and vehicles. Only structural engineers can guarantee the safety of a building. Just they can say that how safe is a building, what are are the basics of a structural designs and how long it can sustain.

Structural engineering is a very old form of engineering. Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Gaza and wonders of the world show that ancient people had also enough knowledge about this field. That’s why this field consists of physical laws and experimental knowledge of centuries. Now era of digital buildings has also started and unique structures are being designed.

In Pakistan students have to first get admission in civil engineering then they can go for MS Structural engineering. Housing and construction industries are going to boom in Pakistan. Bahria town Pakistan loves to hire such engineers. There are many other builders too in Pakistan other Bahria town which are planning to construct skyscrapers and housing schemes in different cities of Pakistan. Under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor lot of constructions will be carried out in Gwadar and whole of route of CPEC, so there is the great scope of structural engineering in Pakistan. Structural engineers get lot more salary than simple civil engineers due to delicate nature of their job. They can easily get job abroad specially in Middle East countries. On this page you may also read the career counseling article on structural engineering in Urdu language which was published in daily Jang Lahore. Visit our courses & career category for reading more posts on scope of different engineering fields.

Career & Scope Structural Engineering in Pakistan-Urdu & English Guide

Career & Scope Structural Engineering in Pakistan-Urdu & English Guide

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