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Study Abroad Tips For Student Visa of France From Pakistan

Study Abroad Tips For Study Visa of France For Pakistani Students 
Many students from Pakistan like to continue and persue their education in colleges and universities of France. Education sector of France is growing extensively and all of its colleges and universities are receiving world wide fame and recognition on a global level. Talking about this passport ranking, Pakistan is on 103rd spot and it is not a satisfactory ranking. Because of this ranking, citizens from Pakistan find it difficult to get visas from other countries. Foreign countries are hesitant and they are reluctant to issue visas to citizens of Pakistan. We have many visa types up till now and they are visit visa which has a duration of 90 days. Short term visit visa is of duration 30 days. Then we have tourist visa, transit visa and also multiple entry visa.

Study Abroad Tips For Student Visa of France From Pakistan

Study Abroad Tips For Student Visa of France From Pakistan

Process Flow to Get Study Visa of France
It is important to note down that before you apply for this study visa or student visa processing, your application should be approved by the school or college of France. Once any France school or college will accept your application then you should submit fee of your enrollment. This fee will enroll you in their Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.
This Student and Exchange Visitor Information System of France will give you an acceptance and approval form. Students will then present this approval form to their consular officer.
You will pay visa application fees as well which is non refundable. You can download visa application form from internet sites as well. Just completely fill that visa application form and then you can submit it during your visa interview processing.

Which Documents are Required During Student Visa Interview?
Once students of Pakistan have filled their visa application forms then they should wait for their interview. Prepare yourself for this interview time. During your visa interview, you should have these documents with you:
You should have a valid passport.
You should have the document of nonimmigrant visa application.
Students should have application visa fee payment receipt.
You should have a passport photo.
Students should have certificate of eligibility.
They can also ask for additional documents so that you can further prove and verify your eligibility. Take your academic transcripts and diplomas, original degrees and certificates along with you during visa interview time. Embassy can also request you to submit your test scores of TOEFL, GMAT, GRE or your test score of GAT.

Interview Tips to Get France Study Visa
You should qualify and pass your visa interview so that student visa can be issued to you in few days. You should carry all appropriate documents a the time of interview. You should meet their entire visa requirements. Approval and rejection of your study visa will be based on discretion and decision of that consular officer. Once you will clear your visa interview, then you will be asked to submit your visa issuance fee. Your digital fingerprints will be taken for the purpose of record. In our study abroad category we have also written a post about MBBS and BDS in France. Here is the related link;

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