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Study in Norway Guide For Pakistani Students, Scholarships, Tips

Complete Guide About Study in Norway For Pakistani Students, Documents Required, Benefits, Scholarships & TipsĀ 
Are you planning to study in Norway? Do you want to know why Norway is the best destination to make your educational career stronger? It would not be wrong to say that Norway has made itself to be one of the best places in the world when it comes to exploring beauty. But at the same time, this country has been known for offering excellent educational services, best job earning options and yet a safe environment to live into. The educational system of this country is considered to be free for every single person from any place in the world. Even the Pakistani students can freely apply for it. It has the educational system which is quite similar to the American or the European based countries. This is probably the main reason that today Norway has become the major destination to earn high education.


Study in Norway Guide For Pakistani Students, Scholarships, Tips

Study in Norway Guide For Pakistani Students, Scholarships, Tips

Norway Offers Free Education to Pakistani Students
In the public institution sector, there are no charges for the tuition fee and it has been fully applicable to all the offered courses. This will be including the short courses as well as diploma courses too. There might be some of the private universities in Norway who will make you charge with the small amount of fee but that would be quite less enough as compared to rest of the American or the European countries.


Attractive Scenery of Norway
Norway has been known so amazingly due to the attractive scenery locations in the country which has always grabbed the attention of the people. They have the incredible beauty of mountains, amazing glacier locations and best lakes beauty which make everyone fall in love with this place.


Do you love to do hiking or doing adventure sports? Well if yes, then choosing your way to Norway is the best option for you. This place will make you offer with some excellent experiences in which you can encounter so many adventure based activities without getting into boredom impression. This destination is known out to be famous for the skiing.


Less Crime Rate in Norway
Another major reason which has made Norway so much famous has been its low rate of crime. You might be surprised to know that there are almost 4000 prisoners who are imprisoned in the jails of Norway. All the prisons of the Norway also offer training programs and personality development sessions for the prisoners. This low crime rate will make the people arriving into this country to feel safe and secure enough.


Well above all there have been so many more reasons on the basis of which we will be recommending you to choose Russia as the study destination. It has the best services of health, excellent accommodation and even make you offer with the job opportunities which can make your future quite brighter and successful.


Documents Required for Study in Norway
Students will have to furnish. reference letter, valid passport, educational documents, IELTS, admission offer, health insurance, bank statement, application, CV and CNIC.


Points to Be Remember About Study in Norway
1-Gap in studies is accepted on providing reasonable cause.

2-International students can work 20 hours in a week. You may bear your hostel dues with your income.

3-Cheap hostel facility is also provided by universities.

4-Availability of Halal food is not an issue in Norway.

5-Private universities charge fee in Norway, but scholarships are also offered.

6-International students may also apply for UICC scholarship, EMBO short term fellowship and Bayer Science and Education foundation scholarship for study in Norway.

7-Majority of universities in Norway now also offer programs in English language. IELTS is required for admission.

8-Large number of Pakistani citizens resides in Norway specially from Gujrat and Kharian. Pakistani students are already studying in almost all major universities of Norway.

9-After graduation you may also find job in EU. Internships are also available.

10-Degree from Norway may add a star in your profile, so do consider this option too.

Learn more about the Norway educational system by getting in touch with the official website of Norway embassy center. Apply for study in Norway right now!