Study In USA 2022- A Review For Overseas Students

A Review Report About Study in USA in Urdu and English 
Majority of students having a will to study abroad prefer to study in USA and UK. American and British educational institutes are best in the world. Few months before American journal Tomes published the list of top 100 best educational institutes of the world and 43 american universities and other educational and research institutes were included in that list. UK was at second number in the list with 9 best universities of the world. Out of top 10 best universities of world 7 were USA based.

Study In USA 2020- A Review For Overseas Students

These figures show that USA is the land of best educational institutes of the world. But it is too a reality now American universities are losing their charm for overseas students and large number of international students are preferring other countries for getting higher education.


Recently OECD has published a report which shows that American universities are losing their monopoly in the field of higher education. In year 2000 about 25 % international students preferred to study in U.S.A, while in 2012 this percentage has decreased by 16 %.


Although still majority of international students prefer to study in USA but large number of overseas students are also considering about alternative options. Due to which the share of USA in global students market is reducing day by day. Ratio of overseas students is increasing in all English speaking countries. Spain is also attracting many of them.


There are different causes of declining ratio of international students in universities of USA. Most important in them is the changes in American visa system after 9/11. America has revised its foreign and internal polices after terrorist attack of 9/11 due to which getting USA visa has become a difficult task specially for citizens of Muslim countries. Anti Islam sentiments in some parts of American society have also discouraged the Muslim youth. They want to study in U.S.A but these fears do not allow them to do so.


As per OECD UK has become the biggest beneficiary of this situation. IN 2012 about 12.6 % international students got admission in different universities of Great Britain. Its a very healthy sign for educational system and economy of England as about three time more fee is charged from overseas students than the local and European youth. But students who want to come in UK for work are facing many difficulties here.


Educational institutes of South Korea are also making their repute in the world. In 2000 the ration of foreign students in universities of South Korea was about 0.2 % which has reached to 1.3 % in 2012.


OECD report says that 4.5 million youth is studying abroad and 1/3 of them belong to developing countries. Fifty percent of the overseas students belong to Asia. China, India and Korea are receptively at number 1, 2 and 3. Muslim students are also preferring to study in Malaysia. You can read the details about “Study In USA – A Review” in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this page. Stay in touch with us for guidance about study abroad. Feel free to ask ask any question about Study in U.S.A

Study In USA 2022- A Review For Overseas Students

Study In USA


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