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Study in USA Through Exchange Program Scholarships (Urdu Guide)

Study Abroad Scholarships in United States of America Through Exchange Programs (Guide in Urdu & English Languages)
The United States of America has introduced this scholarships program which is popularly called with the name of youth exchange program. This program is made for the high school students as well as for the undergraduate students. Approximately one thousand students enroll in this program on a per year basis, here you will check the details of this youth exchange scholarships program and if you are eligible, then do apply in this program.

Youth Exchange And Study Program Details
It is this YES program which is also named as Youth Exchange and Study program, this program is started by the United States of America after the incident of 9/11 so that relations between USA and Pakistan can get normal and stabilized. So according to this program, Pakistani students who are from 15 to 17 years of age, they are enrolled and selected to be in the American high schools. The duration of this program is one year and the host are usually the American resident houses.Through this exchange program, the student knows about the culture and norms of the American society, you know about their living styles as well.

To be in this YES program, you have to pass the written test and also interview. After passing these two stages, you are send to the high school of America for one year. This is a great opportunity for high school students and after completing this program span, you become the part of YES alumni network.

Global Undergraduate Exchange Program Details
Then we have next student exchange program for you and it is for the undergraduate students. This program was started in the year 2010 by the USA in Pakistan. According to the details and criteria of this program, you will be studying your one semester in any of the American university.

We have seen that 40000 to 50,000 applicants apply for this program and there is a high competition attached to this scholarship youth exchange program. And just of the 120 to 140 applicants are selected for this phase.

You have to be in your 4th semester or in your 6th semester to apply for this program and your age limit has to be 25 years. You can be in your four years of bachelor degree phase or you can be studying in your two years of bachelor degree phase if applying in this exchange program.

This program is attached to the lot of exposure elements, you explore the culture of American as well and there comes a lot of opportunities for you to learn from that university.

So these are the details of youth exchange scholarships programs, apply in such programs and avail all of the golden opportunities. If you had been the part of YES program or this undergraduate exchange program as initiated and started by USA, then share your experience with us. Now read the details about study abroad scholarships in Urdu language.

Study in USA Through Exchange Program Scholarships (Urdu Guide)

Study in USA Through Exchange Program Scholarships